Dora Akunyili 1999 PTDF Letter To Buhari After Returning £12000 Surgery Money Goes Viral

dora akunyili letter buhari

January 5, 2015 – Dora Akunyili 1999 PTDF Letter To Buhari After Returning 12000 Pounds Surgery Money Goes Viral

If Dora Akinyulli was still alive, her good rhetoric would obviously had continued to put her in kingly places. The multi-award winning Dora Akunyili left an impressive landmark worthy of note.

For those who might have thought her claim of returning public funds to the purse of the PTDF was
false then the recent letter which had gone viral has given credence to the story.

Well the woman is gone and she will be remembered for what she has done. She saved the nation 12000 pounds after she returning the said amount of money from the 17000 pounds she was given for surgery in the United States by APC’s presidential aspirant General Muhammadu Buhari the then PTF boss over the doctors declaration that surgery wasn’t necessary.

The letter which was released by popular journalist Tolu Ogunlesi reveals the late Dora Akunyuli thanking Buhari for his approval of the sum and informing him she is returning 12000 of the 17000 pounds given to her.

General Buhari responded to the letter with:

“See that! There are still Nigerians with personal integrity. She truly was a great Nigerian who proved her mettle as NAFDAC boss taking the fight of fake and counterfeit drugs to a standstill.”

See a copy of the letter below:

dora akunyili letter to buhari

Nigeria will certainly miss her.