Doris Simeon: My Mother Taught Me Hairdressing, Why I Went Into Beauty Business

doris simeon hair dresser

August 16, 2015 – “I’m A Trained Hairdresser” – Nigerian Actress Doris Simeon On Why She Opened A Beauty Shop

Star actress Doris Simeon, the founder of Davris beauty salon in Ogba area of Ikeja said hair dressing is her family trade.

In a recent chat with NewTelegraph, the mother of one said she knows how to make hair because her mother trained her well.

doris simeon hair dresser

“I know a lot of people don’t know that I make hair, they think I just opened the store because others are doing it. I make hair, I was trained by a hairdresser who is my mom and it’s like a family trade. I’ve also had it in mind that when I grow up, I was going to venture into hair styling. It’s all about looking good,” – Doris Simeon told NT.