Duncan Mighty’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant: Nollywood Actress Sochima Ezeoke In Hot Romance

Nov 12, 2013 – Duncan Mighty’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant: Singer & Nollywood Actress Sochima Ezeoke In Hot Romance

Duncan Mighty the Port Harcourt first son is in hot romance with Nollywood’s up coming actress Sochima Ezeoke. The two lover birds have been spotted on several occasions holding each other and kissing each other in the public. They claim that their love is genuine.

Sochima Ezeoke, a graduate of mass communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe University has starred in many interesting Nollywood movies like crowned princess, chosen bride and Bongo.

Star actress Sochima Ezeoke who is currently dating Duncan Mighty is now pregnant with his first baby with wedding out of sight.

Hope their relationship will lead to the next level.

This story is from a reliable source so there is no biggie if Duncan Mighty denies it.

6 thoughts on “Duncan Mighty’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant: Nollywood Actress Sochima Ezeoke In Hot Romance

  1. Hmmmmm
    Duncan are saying that you didnot fuck sochima? Now you are denying you didnt fuck her claiming that she is fan.which kind fan is that ?
    When they wrote that you are dating sochima you were happy and sochima was happy that she is dating a musician, that time you report or deny. Now that the stupid sochima is pregnant you are denying. People knows that you are sochima. So shut up joor!!!!

  2. Shai, they didn’t deny the gist that are dating since early this year. I heard Duncan bought house for her and she was boasting. She is pregnant and she is not boasting but denying the baby God gave them.

  3. Why did u abort the baby? You have no faith. Annie later became Idibia’s wife after answering his baby mama. Lola omotayo has become Peter Okoye’s wife after giving him two kids free of charge. Next time consider all these facts before having sex without protection. Don’t forget to ask God for forgiveness.

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