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Wunmi Toriola Opens Up: Her Marriage Collapse And The Road To Recovery

wunmi toriola marriage

Wunmi Toriola Opens Up: Her Marriage Collapse And The Road To Recovery

Wumi Toriola, wey be Nollywood actress, don finally yan about wetin make her 3-year marriage scatter. During one paro with her colleague, Debbie Shokoya, she talk say her ex-husband use her fame against her.

She yarn say she marry young man and as dem dey try make life sweet, she been believe say dem fit sort things out. But as e be, her husband no give am chance as he dey always dey use her celebrity status do yama yama for her head.

Wumi talk say her husband dey always threaten her with her fame, dey use am hold am down for the marriage, until she decide say e don reach to waka. But now, dem dey do well as co-parents and e for sweet if dem be friends, because the man dey involved wella for him pikin life.

She talk say, e reach one time for the marriage when she wan call Punch newspaper make dem carry her story, but later she change mind.

After the divorce, she don pour her energy enter her pikin and dey make plenty movies. “That time wey my marriage no work, I just focus my mind for my movie, and na wetin I dey enjoy now. My head bin scatter that time, but I just dey chook all my strength for film.”

For another side of the interview, Wumi talk say she fit marry as second wife. She talk say as she be single mama now, she ready to take wetin she see. She even talk say she fit marry person wey don marry before, or person wey don loss him wife, as long as the person get pikin sef.

Earlier dis year, Wumi Toriola confirm say her marriage don kpafuka after just three years. She talk say she comot for one relationship wey get violence and abuse, for her mind make e dey okay.

Her ex-husband own side of the story dey different. He talk say their marriage get wahala of violence, lie lie, and betrayal from Wumi side. He even talk say he regret the marriage well well and say Wumi bin dey beat him mama.

Wumi Toriola come talk for Instagram say all these talk no be true. She talk say she never touch her mother-in-law or her own mama, and she get people wey go fit testify for her.

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