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E Go Better: How Nigerians Are Living With False Hope Of A Better Tomorrow


E Go Better: How Nigerians Are Living With False Hope Of A Better Tomorrow

jonathan buhari

March 21, 2015 – E Go Better: How Nigerians Are Living With False Hope Of A Better Tomorrow

When we examine the predicament of Nigeria; when we review our history in light of our record of decades of malgovernance, outrageous corruption (economic terrorism), insubordination by authorities and failed administrations; one reality presents itself: we are unique.

Whereas the French would have long revolted and changed their governments; whereas the African-Americans would long have been on the streets as they are in Ferguson today; as they were in LA years ago. Compared, the Arabs would have “sprung,” and the masses of America would have “occupied;” Nigerians are hopeful.

It is our happiness that is at fault. Our hope is our blight. We have been diagnosed for this attitude. We were called the happiest people on earth. We thought this was something to be happy about, little did we realize then that this was a slight.

Recent polls by Gallup have better qualified this so-called “happiness.” Africans and Nigerians most especially are not quite the happiest people on Earth, but what the studies have found is that we are the most “optimistic” people on earth; the most “Positive.”

Quoting Gallup; “Nigeria proved to be the most positive country about 2015 with 85% of respondents thinking it will be better whereas Lebanon was most pessimistic with just 26% saying that they believe it will be better and 52% believing it will be worse.”

This unusual result (85%) compared to a global average of 53% optimism in a better future.

We are the “Positive thought” nation; in lay and local lingo, we are the “e go better” people. Faced with adversity, we smile and say, “e go better.” Governed by rottenly corrupt and clueless leaders, we shrug and advise calm, proclaiming, “e go better.” When ruled by leaders who spend the entire 5 years plotting against a so-called opposition, maleficiently looting the treasury and campaigning for their re-election, we say, “e go better.” When ruled by rulers who purposely mismanage all state assets then auction them to their cronies, we say, “e go better.”

Throw a nuclear bomb at us, we will say, “e go better.”

They allow terrorists kill 100,000 of us and displace 3 million more, we will say, “e go better.” When they supervise pogroms in the north or south, we say, “e go better.” Kill us yourself; send the army to wipe out our entire villages to “teach us a lesson,” we will say, “e go better.”

No matter what you throw at the Nigerian, he will not only not fight, but he will actually smile and encourage platitude and hope – optimism that “e go better.” China Okasi noted this in an OpEd piece she wrote in the MSNBC last May when we lost our 234 Chibok daughters – sure enough it didn’t “better,” the worst happened; the girls are gone! A year after the deadly Immigration scam, it did not better. Abba Moro was never sentenced, Jonathan never resigned. We were never employed. Nothing changed. Nothing got better.

This false optimism is what has been noted about us. This is our blessing and our curse so long as we do not, as China stated, “actively demand and ensure better,” seek the change to make it better, and not “passively wish” for it to “better.” This is why we did not expel the government when Odi happened. This is why we tolerated the government when Baga I happened and again when Baga II happened and when Chibok happened. This is why we tolerated IBB and Abacha. And this, “e go better” is what will – if it has not already – kill us.

[By Peregrino Brimah, ENDS]

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  1. Sammy Joseph

    March 21, 2015 at 11:54 AM

    Nice write-up, Dr Brimah!
    May your day be many & your problem be few, sir.

  2. oluwasemilore

    March 21, 2015 at 4:46 PM

    How I wish all Nigerians have access to your write up, I will be happy, bcos this e go better has been affecting us for long, since awolowo have been betrayed by his brother from ogbomoso, what we all said is that e go better.

  3. Jilo

    March 22, 2015 at 12:42 AM

    This writer has really conducted deep survey about Nigerian behavior and attitude especially as regards to restructuring our destiny. What happened during the June 12 when Abiola was declared the winner of free and fair election should have been the turning point in our political struggle in Nigeria. We should have stood our ground to the last minute. I have earlier said in this forum that freedom does not mean free, sometimes there is a price to pay in order to get that freedom. In an egalitarian society people can go as far as laying down their lives for their coming generation to benefit from that struggle but we are not ready to do that. We always believe on that false hope that things will metamorphosis itself by changing our situation without making any meaningful move. If we continue dwelling on this assumption, folks, we will experience the quadruple retrogression more than what we are experiencing now. Remember what our past heroes Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and other nationalists went through in order to get out their people from white oppression. I’m going to hold back to some of my comments until when I see the outcome of next week election then I will be able to conclude whether Nigerians can truly turn a new leaf and make their voice heard through their ballot until then, we are still mesmerizing with false hope.

  4. Binutiri Samson

    April 2, 2015 at 8:27 AM

    Hope is the greatest power of living for a better tomorrow. But living with a false hope is not good.

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