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5 Easy Tips To Concentrate On Important Tasks

how to concentrate on important tasks

5 Easy Tips to Concentrate on Important Tasks

Decreasing the level of concentration can make life difficult. An unavoidable side effect is bad moods, permanent stress and anxiety, which in turn prevent you from focusing even more on what is important. As a result, we get into a vicious circle, from which it is difficult to get out. But the good news is that there are some tricks that can help you focus and concentrate when you need to.

Stop Multitasking

The brain cannot perform multiple processes in parallel, it can only quickly switch between them. Every time you have to stop and restart a task, your brain loses time. It turns out that it takes more time to process two tasks at the same time than it does to run them sequentially.

Multitasking has been proven to reduce productivity by up to 40%. What does this have to do with concentration? Attention becomes scattered in several directions, and it ends up in an inability to finish any of the tasks.

So what can you do? Break actions down into micro-goals and do them one after another. With each successive goal you’ll get a rush of dopamine and self-confidence, and this will help increase your ability to concentrate.

Time for Laziness

Allow yourself to relax, but only within the limits you set. Allocate a certain amount of time when you allow yourself to be distracted and think about anything. For example, from 11:00 am to 11:20 pm, from 4:00 pm to 4:20 pm, and from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm each day. During these minutes, you can search for the best online sport betting options or do something different that isn’t related to your work. At other times, as soon as you feel yourself losing focus, quietly remind yourself that it will soon be rest time and gently return your focus to your current activity.

Keep a Record

Divide a sheet into three parts: morning, afternoon, and evening. Each time you catch yourself hovering in the clouds and trying to dodge work by any means possible, tick the right time box. After a short time, you’ll find that you’re distracted far less often. Being aware of the problem and being aware of what you are doing will help improve concentration. You will be able to identify your most vulnerable intervals. For example, if you are most distracted in the morning, you can improve your concentration by getting more sleep, improving its quality and rethinking your breakfast diet – it should be light and healthy.

More Movement

Help improve oxygen flow to the brain. Due to gravity, blood pools in the lower body. To oxygenate the brain, you need to move. Take short breaks and go outside. Take a few deep breaths and take a brisk walk back and forth. After 5-10 minutes, you’ll come back to the task more focused. You can do exercises in the workplace. Any kind of movement, including isometric and aerobic movements. For example, you can jump in place, do some lunges or squats.

Less Sensory Exposure

Constant conversations in the office, road noise under the window, loud music, the visual impact of television, and even birdsong all make it very difficult to concentrate. If you think it doesn’t, it does. It’s just that your subconscious mind has indoctrinated you otherwise, and the background stimulation has become a bad habit. Of course, you are far from always being able to influence the world around you. But even the usual earplugs are able to correct the situation. Ask colleagues to speak more quietly, suggest listening to music in headphones. If absolute silence causes discomfort you can choose calm music and turn the volume down to minimum. Avoid tunes with vocals. Song lyrics are distracting, even if you don’t seem to be paying attention to them. The subconscious mind still continues to process incoming information.


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