Ebola Fear Kills Faster Than The Virus, Relax & Follow Safety Procedures


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August 14, 2014 – Ebola Virus Disease Fear Kills Faster Than The Virus, Relax & Follow Safety Procedures

Hi friends, I just want to share a personal experience with you about this Ebola Virus Disease Brouhaha.

Yes Ebola is a killer virus with no cure but following simple safety procedure will prevent us from contracting it.

For my loyal fans, I went on a vacation trip to the ‘village’ three weeks ago and recently returned.

Few days into my vacation, I received calls from friends urging me not to return because of the Ebola virus disease outbreak but I didn’t allow the fear of the virus to stop me.

I stood firm on my ground saying if others can survive, myself and my family will survive it.

So I took to the web to research the virus itself and the safety procedure.

I came to realise that EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) is highly contagious.

People contract it through :

  1. Direct contact with an infected person even during incubation period of 21 days
  2. Passage of fluids including sweats, etc

Yes it is airborne but not as strong.

One can contract Ebola through prolonged intake of air in the same space occupied by an infected person.

That being said, I still believe prevention is better than cure.

Please ignore all this crazy salt and water solution, bitter Kola nonsense circulating the web, Ebola is still incurable and the best way to get out of trouble is to;

(1) Avoid crowded places like open air party, crusades,etc

(2) Avoid bush meat for now, Fish, chicken and domestic animals are good alternatives

(3) If you have to go out, use Ebola safety gloves and breathing mask

(4) If you must board the bus, try and use disposable breathing/nose mask (Yes o prevention is better than cure). I got these from shoprite yesterday.

(5) Carry your original hand sanitizer along please be careful there are fake ones on the market nowadays and ensure you wash your hand constantly.

(6) When you get home, remove your cloth and wash them immediately.

(7) If possible cook at home during this period.

(8) If you really don’t have to go out, stay in door.

If you follow there instructions, you are good to go.

This Nigeria is our country, we have to make the best of it.

There is no place like home. May God protect us all.