Ecobank Nigeria Ltd Sacks 1000 Bankers, Hires 200 Permanent Employees

ecobank sacks 1000 employees

June 2nd, 2016 – Ecobank Nigeria Limited Sacks 1000 Bankers, Hires 200 Permanent Employees

The popular financial institution today announced that it has sacked over 1000 temporary employees in a renewed drive for optimal performance.

Over 200 temporary personnel were hired and realigned certain roles to ensure improved efficiency.

Ecobank MD, Charles Kie said the sacked employees were adequately compensated.

13 thoughts on “Ecobank Nigeria Ltd Sacks 1000 Bankers, Hires 200 Permanent Employees

  1. Hmmm, who cares about the compensation? Its a pity, these people will have to start all over again.

  2. Oh my God and dis 1000 sacked will now be jobless na. This chain have really affected Nigeria and we Nigerian’s

  3. The article stated they were temporary workers which means they’re all aware of the sudden termination anytime..

    May God help them to find another better thing to be doing with their life and time. Once again,this reminds us that the only thing permanent on this planet is change,so wherever you may find yourself today,utilize it wisely.

  4. Oooh chimoo what do they do. GOD have mercy things re becoming difficult more and more i just left the country today

  5. Thank God that Metu has long left FCMB so now he cannot be sacked anymore.

    Just imagine coming to work one morning after beating all the early morning traffick and getting to the office to be handed a sacked info, Chai

    All your plans, budgets, maybe you needed money badly to solve one thing or the other. Na wao.

    I take a stroll…

  6. The mighty one has fallen. I can’t believe my ex boss could be among the sacked staffs, it a pity. She carried the whole of Eco bank on her head and never tried to helped in term of promotion any staffs under her instead she uses them like a slave. Thank GOd didn’t affect anyone in my Department expect my selfish Boss

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