Ekiti Kete Youths Petition EFCC, Say Fayose Guilty Of Treasonable Act


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April 23, 2016 – Ekiti Kete Youths Order Fayose To Apologise To Buhari Over Unconstitutional Letter To Chinese Government

Ekiti Youth Petition EFCC Against Fayose Over Lavish Spending Of Ekiti Money, Treason Against Nigeria

The youths of Ekiti State under the umbrella of Ekit Kete Youth Forum expressed shock to the recent treasonable act committed by Fayose against the Nigerian government and her people.

It would be recalled that Fayose wrote the Chinese government urging it not to issue loan to the Nigerian government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The youths who described Fayose’s action as insane and unconstitutional urged EFCC to probe his lavish spending of Ekiti State money and his anti-Nigeria activities.

See the full letter the youth wrote against Fayose through Comrade Tope Idowu below

“The decision of the governor to attempting frustrating the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in his effort to redeeming the political image and also resuscitating, restructuring and repositioning the battered economy of the nation is not only unfortunate, but also insane,”.

“Though we are not unaware of his political hatred for President Mohammadu Buhari even before he became the president of Nigeria, but the display of such hatred should not be to the detriment of the progress of Nigeria. Initially we thought Fayose was playing a progressive opposition, aiming at putting the President on his feet and making him deliver on his electioneering promises, but his recent decision to write the Chinese government not to support Nigeria government at this very sensitive and critical period is totally insane and worrisome.

“Ordinarily, we expected the governor to know better that such act is criminal, unfair, insane and breach of oath of office under the Schedule Seven of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which he sworn to protect and uphold. For God’s sake, Mr. Fayose is not the only Governor in the opposition parties in Nigeria, and sad enough, he is the least of the opposition Governors, morally and education wise.

“We, Ekiti Youths are seriously getting worried as our governor is becoming a monumental tragedy, exposing us to social ridicule and destroying our pride as a people, that probably God has deliberately given us Governor Fayose as a punishment. But we pray that this time should pass away as quick as possible. To set the record straight, it is imperative to again reiterate our utmost displeasure over the unnecessary and frequent display of lack of intelligent by our state Governor.

“The absurdity of this act has left us with no other choice than to dissociate the entirety of Ekiti youths from the insanity. So that the people of Nigeria who mean well for this great nation, the Nigerian government and the Chinese government to know that Fayose does not represents or reflects the general view of Ekiti people.

“We of the Ekiti Kete Youth Forum wish to urge the Chinese government to disregard his letter and throw it into the dustbin of irrelevance as Governor Fayose is a man of questionable character, with no academic and moral credential. We also wish to intimate the Chinese government with the facts it should put into check before considering taken Mr. Fayose serious,”.

“We demand the immediate refund of the state money which Mr. Fayose spent on the fruitless and shameful trip he made to china just to take selfie at a train station. That the Anthony General of the Federation (AGF) institute a case of treason against Mr. Fayose over his breach of Schedule Seven (7) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic which he sworn to upon at all time.

“We demand in clear explanation with proof from the Governor Fayose led-government of Ekiti State on how it spent the bailout fund and the federal projects’ refunded money made by the Federal Government, as no visible capital project has been initiated and successfully completed in the state by the current administration, yet it has refused to pay the workers for many month, even when the governor gets his allowances and security vote fully paid on a monthly basis without any form of delay.

“We call on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to come to our rescue as quick as possible, because with the rate at which the governor is handling the finances of the state, the state may end being poorer than a church rat,”.

Governor Fayose no get time for Ekiti right now, it seems he is more focused on bringing Buhari down than fixing the problem of his people.

If not, how can a governor travel to China with the sole aim of competing with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.