El Rufai Released From SSS Detention In Abuja, Narrates Experience

el rufai released sss detention

January 28, 2014 – El Rufai Released From SSS Detention In Abuja, Narrates Experience

The former FCT minister who willingly turned himself into SSS office in Abuja yesterday has spoken on his experience.

He was detained overnight for investigation.

When asked on Twitter how the whole thing went, the controversial mallam said “it’s great fun but boring”

He was released from SSS detention in Abuja in the early hours of Tuesday. El Rufai left SSS office today in the company of Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi and Senator Ngige who came together with him yesterday.

How can you have a great fun when you said it is boring? #confused

8 thoughts on “El Rufai Released From SSS Detention In Abuja, Narrates Experience

  1. l would have applauded some actions of our politicians and the government but for the simple reason that neither of them understands what is democracy especially those in opposition. They rather destroyed what they don’t have through thoughtless actions. They want to be heroes with questionable actions. That is Nigeria for u. Carefully go through their actions some few years back when they happened to be in government and possibly u will get my point. The advance democracies that they were copying know and respect the rules. They have no regional or religious behaviours. Most of them are self centred who played to the gallery. They readily accept what by law and common sense is wrong when it favours them only to shamelessly turn to the opposite direction when it disfavoured

  2. For once Mallaams are no longer untouchables. This is the type of gorrilla treatment and humiliation given to non northerners. who say southerners are seocnd class citizens?

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