Elderly Romance: Obasanjo & Oby Ezekwesili’s Hugging & Kissing Pictures Everyone Is Talking About

obasanjo oby Ezekwesili kissing

Dec 11, 2014 – Elderly Romance: Obasanjo & Oby Ezekwesili Public Hugging & Kissing Photos Everyone Is Talking About

Some photos of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo and former Minister of education, Oby Ezekwesili went viral yesterday, a day after OBJ launched his controversial book in Lagos.

Many Nigerians and politicians are going after them for showing affection in public.

Now here is our take on this, these elderly people seem to care about each other.

Though we  are not speculating that they’re dating, but it is obvious they have a strong connection somewhere.

Recall that Oby served as a minister in Obasanjo’s administration, so they knew each other for a very long time.

It looks like Obasanjo loves madam Oby but that married woman is well respected, she can’t stoop so low to such demand. Make Obasanjo no spoil madam’s image o.

Do you see anything wrong with these photos???

12 thoughts on “Elderly Romance: Obasanjo & Oby Ezekwesili’s Hugging & Kissing Pictures Everyone Is Talking About

  1. I think obj loves Oby and she is ok with it. I don’t see dem doing anything beyond this place let haters go to he**

  2. They have been doing it abroad for long the old bab**n just got carried away
    Ezekwesili like other **** women are cheap prostitutes
    stop taking sides it is plain to see

  3. Na today? e don tey. Its crystal clear to the dumb, visible to the blind and audible to the deaf, that these pair are nothing but Oldtime lovers. Only time will tell. The hugging in d first pix, is in the main, extremely amorous. shikena!

  4. I see nothing wrong with these people, the fact is they have been working as a team and they deserve to rejoice when they meet again.

    Fake observations will only deceive you. Let us learn to count on truthful observations unlike picturing on photos bent to disrupt other people’s images.

    By the way Naijagists authors are creative at times they do test our minds as fans to see how minority you are in reasoning and on the other hand they compliment those with good comments. So mindful with how you vent your comments.

    My plea is that, if you do not have anything to comment, it is better to remain silent and let it go period.

  5. Bezo , once again you have come up with your usual rubbish talk. Did you catch them at it. Don’t think like a low life.
    The earlier we Nigerians stop reading stupid meanings into things like this , the better. This woman is a very highly respectable married woman. What is wrong in a hug and a peck?
    I am sure if that was your wife , you would have thrown her out of the house yesterday.

  6. Why raining torrential rainfall of curses on BEZO instead of the two old rascals exhibiting their madness in public. Show of Shame.

  7. Obj was oby boss right? and people expect them to troy face at each other at any time when one or two things is called to them so that people who wish will still go ahead make stupid comment
    And you can’t think very well that obj known very well that people who don’t good job can still go ahead and comment what they don’t understand#this two peoples are very important,recorgnize wll known and you there thinking like a fool.Black peoples thinkig

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