Emmanuel Eboue To Appeal Divorce Court Decision As Lawyers Find Fault In Final Ruling

emmanuel eboue appeal divorce court ruling

December 27, 2017 – Emmanuel Eboue To Appeal Divorce Court Ruling As Lawyers Find Fault In Final Ruling

Former Arsenal Defender Emmanuel Eboue is set to appeal the decision by a court in the UK that left him out of his assets.

The 34-year-old athlete was left homeless after a bitter divorce from his estranged wife Aurelie.

According to court documents received by a senior lawyer made available to Eboue by The Mirror UK, the suicidal athlete failed to fill out a Form which sets out all his assets and liabilities.

The court accused him of providing a highly deficient information before the final ruling was made.

Sadly, the court refused to take into consideration the fact that doctors said he was not fit to attend his divorce hearings.

All hospital letters from doctors treating him of depression were submitted in mitigation but they were not considered before the final ruling.

His lawyer said his absence from hearings suggested Eboue was not fit enough to attend. Also that proceedings should have been adjourned as they would have been detrimental to his health and well-being.

The father of three is still seeking fund to file an appeal.

18 thoughts on “Emmanuel Eboue To Appeal Divorce Court Decision As Lawyers Find Fault In Final Ruling

  1. Good one, it is not proper to will all his efforts to one lazy woman.
    It is a racist decision by that British judge.
    I hope they overturn the ruling in his favor.

    • some of these Africans behave like idiots. you spend all your Investments aboard forgetting your homeland were you came from for backup should for any reason you need support. may GOD help you.

  2. No racist decision anywhere. Divorce issues over there are not like Nigeria where d woman is sent away empty and the husband and family probably takes over d custody of d children. He knew what their laws were b4 he decided to marry Britico, divorce ususally favours women there except in very rare cases. Next time, marry your country woman.

  3. That is what befits him, the guy looks naive as hell! What is he doing with oyinbo woman? The way he behaves at Arsenal especially the way he nods his head in agreement to command of the coach and other players always lrritated me. He is a real bush man( low mentality).

  4. It will serve as real experience for African footballers at abroad to not rely white ladies or women for flourish. Eboue has learned his n lesson if he will at appeal.

  5. please let there football team mates stand and help this man please forgot sake tenitode Lari a mo teni to bo

  6. Foolishness on the part of African players. African fufu is no longer good except oyinbo chips. The consequences is always bitters. “when you do what you don’t know, what you don’t know happens to you”. Obi Mikel ” beware”

  7. we all make mistakes In life sometimes, n mistakes are said to be one of the best teachers, we should forget about racism and all other craps n intercede for our brother in prayer’s that’s just simple, n pray for peaceful reunion with his family, this I pray would happen Amen.

  8. Such unfortunate that this should happened to him, but l will help him with prayers because only God can overrule the verdict of men. God be with him, hope we are learning from this.

  9. God bless Nigeria..they can’t try this nonsense in Nigeria.I go suffer finish then woman go chop all..never!!!!

  10. Chaii see Eboue.. Mikel Obi abeg ooooo… watch ur side. I no wan wake up one morning to hear rubbish about you and any white woman. I trust my ibo boys sha.

  11. The lawyers want him to appeal because the money invested in the appeal goes to them and the attendant additional agony goes to the client. The children are his and if the earlier report is correct that he had decided to pick up the pieces of his life and move on, he should do so and forget the riches seized. He will be rich again if he has the peace of mind to focus and earn money.
    That he was unfit to attend court during the proceedings probably is of relevance if he wants a reconciliation and not regarding the extent of his buoyancy which has nothing to do with his court attendance.
    God will help him overcome.

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