Empty Seats: Face Of Fashion Africa Awards Organizers Blame Buhari As Nigerians Shun Event

empty seats abuja pageant

April 25, 2016 – Empty Seats As New Face Of Fashion Africa Pageant Holds Amidst Celebrities Last Night!!

The supposed most anticipated pageant ‎eventually held last night at the prestigious Sheraton Hotels and towers but the sight of the event leaves much to be desired.

The second edition of Face of Fashion Africa and African Icon awards took centre stage last with high profile names in attendance but with a handful of fans to cheer up their role models like former MBGN Ambassador Jennifer Igwegbe, reigning Face of Exquisite Universe – Collete Nwadike, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria – Isabella Ayuk, former Miss Ambassador for peace – Queen Irene Onwuka, former Queen of Aso Nigeria – Florence Esu and other notable pageant organisers.‎

It was expected that with the number of headline guests to be honoured, much publicity that goes beyond blackberry and whatsapp hype should have been more effective considering the fact that Abuja residents are usually indifferent about events they are not aware off or the brand is not out there in the news.

The pageant which was won by Miss Uganda, Nnena Akpera amidst empty chairs and ‎epileptic sound presentations saw some of the guests leave the event after receiving their awards.

Though, with reference to the present hardship in the country, occasioned b‎y the lack of fuel and power supply, it is perceived that Abuja entertainment market or fun lovers decided to remain at home to save their limited income in this change era.

Kudos must be given to the organisers for staging this event with big dreams as the concept is not only impressive but indeed commendable. The disappointment virtually written on the face of the project director as shown in the pictures ‎does not depict a bad show but guess it explains that it’s a self funded project that is perhaps not warmly received by the market or caused by limited fund in circulation in Buhari’s government.

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12 thoughts on “Empty Seats: Face Of Fashion Africa Awards Organizers Blame Buhari As Nigerians Shun Event

  1. Is a thing of eiyaaa. If say I was dey there, I for sit down for 5 chairs only me alone, so that the pipul are not vex too much.

  2. Jacob ****..who wouldn’t blame the fulani old man.hes so clueless.hes literally the worst president Nigeria ever had.change indeed.i’m damn too smart to be ******

  3. for those that cause on d present govt singularly benefited from pdp. we on d other hand, gained nothing from pdp becos we were supposed to hv gained collectively. dont blame this govt for any problem. afterall, they are not thievea

  4. Do they expect better? #Dreamland.
    When the composition is poor.
    The contestants are the makeup artist themselves.
    And the whole arrangement is shady.

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