Ese Oruru’s Kidnapper Yunusa Dahiru Bailed, Freed By Muslim Lawyers Association Of Nigeria

ese oruru kidnapper bailed muslim lawyers of nigeria

July 11, 2016 – Muslim Lawyers Association Of Nigeria Bails Ese Oruru’s Kidnapper Yunusa Dahiru

Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria under the umbrella of the red cap movement of Amanatul Kwankwassiya has come to the rescue of their brother, Yunusa Dahiru aka Yunusa Yellow, the young man who kidnapped 14-year-old Ese Oruru from Bayelsa and turned her into sex slave in Kano before forcefully converting her to Islam.

Yunusa Dahiru regains freedom yesterday and was immediately airlifted to Kano.

His First Class ticket was purchased by one Barrister Huwaila Mohammed.

The group came under fire for aiding Yunusa’s sinful act.

Meanwhile, Ese Oruru’s family have called on Human Rights Lawyers to come to their rescue as the High and Mighty are seeking to put the case under carpet.

Yunusa Dahiru has been reunited with his family members in Kano.

This is Nigeria for you… It is who you know that matters.

19 thoughts on “Ese Oruru’s Kidnapper Yunusa Dahiru Bailed, Freed By Muslim Lawyers Association Of Nigeria

  1. If he was trully convicted of these crime, then i think the individuals responsible for his release are ignorant to justice. A crime like that cannot jst be brushed like i always say ,religion rules d mind of most nigerians,an unfortunate fact. bt mind you.don’t always confuse individual foolish actions n their religious doctrine.they seem to be miles apart,judging from actions like this. Neither Islam or Cristianity professes most of the wrong doings happening in our society today,bt a product of poverty,illiteracy and ignorance. May God cure Nigerians of this cancer called religious fanatism or whatever you call it.

  2. A hot slap on Christians in the land and a great lesson too. See how this unbelivers love themselves. They can do anything just to save their own. MLAN fighting for the interest of just one person. Its a raw challenge to the Christian fold.

    Can any Christian try what this yinusa of a guy did to Ururu on any Amina, Usena, or Hassana and escaped being jailed for life? Thats if he is lucky not to be killed.

    What is CAN doing concerning the brutal killing of Mrs Bridget in Kano state and that lady evangelist in ABJ? All of which were pastor‘s wives.

    If any Christian youth should for any reason kill an imam‘s wife say in Kaduna, or Kastina state… there shall be showers of innocent blood even in neigbouring northern states that the incident did not take place at all.


  3. Am i surprised? Would they have allowed him to rot in jail when he was fulfilling their Islamizing Nigeria agenda and doing the biddings of their intimidating and blood-thirsty *****? Whenever genuine Moslems have slaughtered and maimed their perceived enemies, the fake(or should I say shrewd and deceptive) ones among them draw up shallow frowns upon their faces as if they are not in support: They go to the media and condemn the act whereas deep down them they rejoice, and mock the rest of Nigerians who do not see through the hypocritical veneer of concern which they feign to the world.

    All moslems are the same, both the ones who condemn their frequent killings and the others who do the attacks themselves. Or are we to suppose that among those who have prevented justice in this Ese’s case are not those who had earlier openly blamed that vile Yinusa for kidnapping the poor girl? For the Emir of Kano to have had connection with that kidnap, does it not scream to us what these people are up to? The recent case of that Redeemed woman who was lynched by them, let’s watch and see if they would not try to close out the case in the same way. Islam is peace provided that the blood that is shed, or any other evil deed that is done, is done in the name of ******.

  4. Lobatan, lawless country, they are now tellg us its okay to kidnapp anybody u feel like. No consequences, buying him first class ticket. Are these people sick or something.

  5. The painful aspect of our attitudes towards these infidels makes us looks like cowards and fools.

    They are poise to defend themselves anyday and in whatever offence committed. That is why this ******** who called herself Amanda will always come up here to vomit shit commenting in favor of her anti-christ religion and her brainwashed blood sucking vampires aboki infidels called brothers.
    Muslims are Cancer to humanity and enemies of the true God. Anywhere they are there is violence yet they ironically claims their God-forbidden cult of a religion is a peaceful one. Fools!

    I take a stroll…

  6. One thing I believe is dt wat GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.

    1. I’ve known ds 4 a long tym dt NIG. is a #LAWLESS COUNTRY.

    2. If d animal has escaped d punishment of d’s earth, he cant escape d punishment of GOD.

    3. D law of KARMA wl caught on him one day.


  7. if Milan aided yunusa because of religion, what are the Christian lawyers doing for oruru? they turned their faces the other way. shame on Christians

  8. if Milan aided yunusa because of religion, what are the Christian lawyers doing for oruru? they turned their faces the other way. shame on Christians

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