Excitement As Ice Rain, Snow Falls In Jos Plateau Nigeria [PHOTOS]

does it ever snow in nigeria

May 14, 2016 – Excitement As Ice Rain, Snow Falls In Jos Plateau State Nigeria [PICTURES]

To those doubting if it ever snows in Nigeria, you can ease your doubt now as the coldest state in Nigeria, Plateau just experienced the first snowfall of the year.

On Wednesday May 11, 2016, a UNIJOS graduate, Patience Nana Felix took to the social media to share amazing photos of the first ice rain of the year.

While some people are calling it end time rain, others claimed it has happened in the past.

If you have never been to this beautiful city, now it is time to start considering a visit.

You might be lucky to experience this and for doubting thomases out there, here is a solid proof.

does snowfall in nigeria

15 thoughts on “Excitement As Ice Rain, Snow Falls In Jos Plateau Nigeria [PHOTOS]

  1. Is not snow. Make them shet up abeg. Na stone. White stone wey they use to build house for heaven is fall on them and they are call am snow. Village pipul. Nonsens something. If Buhari was not dey wicked, Jos pipul for no dey confuse like this.

  2. @bench white stone??? Lol seriously
    Ur a funny dude
    Its a hailstorm.. It happens here alot n nigerians can be so silly
    Which one is end time rain again? Looool goshh

  3. It is hailstones and not snow. This kind of rain falls almost everywhere in Nigeria although it is not common.

  4. News headline:Snow in jos.
    *Pesin go put water inside fringe,come poram 4 ground,den com dey disiv him papa age mates
    Chai!!! theris god oh

  5. this is not snow, it is hail storm or frozen raindrops. snow is something different made from smaller waterdroplets (vapour) so to speak, hence it is finer. snow is common in temperate regions while hail is a feature of slightly warmer subtropical climate. a little bit of research before you post will do you a lot more good. i appreciate the intention though, keep it up

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