Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Suicidal: IPOB Leader Writes Open Letter From Prison, Wishes To Die For Biafra

mazi nnamdi kanu suicide

May 14, 2016 – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Contemplating Suicide: IPOB Leader Writes Open Letter From Prison, Claims Credit For Biafra’s Restoration


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Says God’s Power Has Destroyed Nigeria, Restored Biafra

Detained IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is reportedly suicidal has penned an open letter from his prison cell.

According to a statement by his lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Kanu said he has done his part of history by restoring Biafra’s lost glory without violence.

The letter reads:

I am Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra and also the director of Radio Biafra. I have restored Biafra without a gunshot, I have destroyed. Nigeria with truth and I have conquered Nigeria with Chiukwuokikeabiama.

They waited for me to bomb and shoot, but I refused to use metallic. bullet and atomic bombs, I only used intellectual bullets and bombs and I have flawlessly won the war. I stood just ordinary radio station and propagated the gospel of Chukwuokikeabiama. The word of God is power and that power have destroyed Nigeria and restored Biafra. I observed freedom of speech and fearlessly preached truth.

I am fearless even before death because am prophesy of over 400 years ago. If God is not man then his prophesy shall come to pass and those that stand against God will know Chiukwuokikeabiama is creation.

I have lawfully followed stipulated procedures for self-determination and have never been involved in any form of violence or crime. I have always told you Biafrans to be disciplined and law abiding and you have made me proud. I am grateful that we are whiter than white and whiter than snow. We have no dishonour neither do we have any spot, they have killed us mercilessly and we have never killed back yet they arrested us and tried to break us to betray Biafra.

They arrested me for saying the truth, nothing but the truth. They arrested me for demanding Biafra, they arrested me for embracing freedom of speech. They conspired and arrested me for being lawful and demanding attention.

They arrested me because peace is prohibited in Nigeria. They arrested me because dialogue is impossible in Nigeria. They arrested me because I refused to take up arms, they arrested me because I defeated them intellectually. When a man is defeated by reason, he sought to discharge his frustration on justice. I am a prisoner of conscience and I am sure the world still have conscience.

I am Nnamdi Kanu, I have chosen death. I shall die for Biafra and let my death give my generation a better life. let my death be a guarantee for a better future, let my death be your smile. and let my death end your marginalisation, subjugation, slavery and tears. I am Nnamdi Kanu the lion that chose death over the abuse of his people. I instead die than renounce Biafra, give me Biafra or kill me is where I stand. I have been arrested for nothing, I am a prisoner of conscience, they are here to break me, to make me renounce Biafra but they don’t know me. they don’t know Biafra is my religion and they don’t know renouncing Biafra is a death sentence, is like committing suicide.

In their widest dream shall I commit suicide and I assure them that days of reckoning will come, for Chiukwuokikeabiama shall avenge the death of His children. I have taken an oath with the name of God that I shall never betray or give up Biafra because I knew this day will come.

I am physically and psychologically prepared for this period. I took the oath and staked my family, my generations and everything I am. and so giving up Biafra in any condition is impossible, even at gun point, I will only accept my inevitable death than renounce Biafra. I have been arrested before but this time is more. severe, the harder the price is the closer the Kingdom of God, even Yawehesua prayed that only if this cup will pass over him.

They came with every tactics they know to deceive me into signing off Biafra. They promised me freedom, heaven and earth, but I told devil to get behind me for the Kingdom of God worth nothing man can offer. I am more intelligent than them and I will defeat them to a point nothing will be left to fight for.

Biafra will be and it has come to stay. I appeared in the court on 19th Feb 2016, in the face of this persecution to coerce me into giving up Biafra, I wore a clean white cloth and tagged Biafran flag under the pocket of my white lace. I tagged the flag there because that is where life is and this is to tell you that Biafra is why I breathe. I will never ever disappoint you and will die for Biafra to come.

The Biafran flag badge tagged on my white lace is to remind the world that I am resolute and shall never in this life accept their gold to sale Biafra.The world has no option except giving me Biafra and everything in Nigeria shall be at risk if anything happens to me.Biafrans love me and together we have chosen death or give us Biafra, should anything happen to me then my command remains.

Meanwhile, I have followed you great Biafrans and I must confess that I am satisfied, you have made me proud and my message to you all is to Stay strong, remain resolute and focused. We must not give up. we should continue pushing strong. we should continue our peaceful protest because it is frustrating Nigerian government and we must keep spreading the message of Biafra and at the end we shall win.

This letter is indicative of his alleged suicidal plan as reported on the social media last week. God is a God of second chances, let his people be prayerful, there should be no need for suicide in his situation.

May God have mercy on his soul.

17 thoughts on “Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Suicidal: IPOB Leader Writes Open Letter From Prison, Wishes To Die For Biafra

  1. You already know that your ***** biafrans are ****… Die you don’t have to announce it… your Death would not change anything.. You are just a 419 arrested. Better kneel down and beg the government… if you die, igboo people would laugh at you because you people are never united. you would die for nothing.


  3. Nnamdi Kalu will never take his own life. The rumour filtering through is a base ploy by Buhari to have him lynched and then claim that Nnamdi had been suicidal. Let Biafrans be wise! Nnamdi Kalu is too strong and too brave to kill himself.

    They say he’s a fraud. But a fraud, to me, would not turn down the treasury field of gold that Buhari had already offered him. Ralph Uwazurike knows that. And so anybody who maintains that Nnamdi Kalu is a 419er is speaking because fraustration has impaired his own reasoning.

    The thought of this guy enrages Buhari to bits. He had been decieved by the widely acclaimed falsehood that every Igboman could do anything for money. Now he, along with every other hater, finds it so hard to live with the bitter disillusionment.

  4. diz kalu guy is really sick, only his statements u will, if u die, na ur concern, na u sabi, life still goes on.

  5. I really smell a great trouble in dis country worse than dat of boko haram if anytin happens to nnamdi kanu in that prison..
    God should come 2 our aid bcos d sky is not bright…i just hope we won’t hear otherwise

    • Brother Emeka, honesty, nothing will happen if that **** kill or hang himself in prison. Tell me, what happened when the winner of June 12, 2003 presidential election-Chief MKO Abiola died in prison? Nothing. Tell me what happened after over three millions lives were lost after the Biafran war?:Nigeria still remain Nigeria. I will advise all the smart Ndigbo people to read Tuesday article about Biafran agitation published in the Sun Magazine written by Dim Chukemaka Ojukwu first son. That piece is the most sensible and detail article ever written by any Nigerian since the Biafran agitation started last year after President Buhari was sworn in. I thank God that there are millions of great Igbos with sound minds. After reading that article by a great Igbo who happened to be Ojukwu biological son, I have no more comment. Kanu Nnamdi is nobody to represents collective interests of millions of Ndigbo scattered all over the globe. Nobody cares if he die in prison.

  6. You will not die bros, you will live to see Biafra stand, any attempt to kill you there will backfire them in Jesus Name Amen.

  7. Omokihinde,i put to you that the event of 2003 as you stated didn’t yield anything because they use to say that the ***** are not united but i see the ***** as the worst people with much pretence enveloped in cowardice.The event of loosing millions biafrans happened but i tell you to go and get acquitted with your history but know today that the years ago of the Asaba massacre that claimed the millions lives has nothing to do with this era,we are in a new century with everything new.Be mindful of your **** and *****.

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