Exhausted Tiwa Savage Says Husband Not Allowing Her To Rest

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July 28, 2014 – Exhausted Tiwa Savage Says Husband Not Allowing Her To Take Enough Rest

Tiwatope Savage who recently travelled to Soweto in South Africa for a concert recently said her husband, Olatunji Balogun is bugging her.

In a new IG post, Tiwa revealed to fans that despite her state of exhaustion, her husband is still telling her to do interviews,fittings,etc.

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“Wanna go to the mall  but this bed is so soft …. Slowly drifting into lala land. Pls Mr Billz I need just 1 hour to rest #hekeepsbuggingme #aboutinterviews #fittings #yawnnsss” – Tiwa said on IG

Body no be firewood.

11 thoughts on “Exhausted Tiwa Savage Says Husband Not Allowing Her To Rest

  1. That means he married u jst because of what u can earn, no wonder she supportd u 2 go nude in a music video, gurl this man wil use u nd dump u if u dnt wisen up nw nd set d timetabl, na 1 life o

  2. I no be a knower of wetin I fit say. It is a sorry to Tiwa. Me self is also taya and my wife is also buggings me about of interviews, fittings, yawnnsss.
    Bodi is no be fayawood o!

  3. you are singging for the devil, when he will pay you back i hope people will not say oooohhh so young. the wages of sin is death. change your life now before is too late. Jesus is calling you.

  4. She ia wrking 4 both family d guy family wey dey UK and both of dem d guy na guy man and he must pay bills Tiwa na machine wey dey vomit d moni.idiot guy him no talk abt hw u go take gt belle na interview him dey afta and fitness u beta wise up babe

  5. Hahaha, lie, she turn it the other way round, she’s actually saying her spouse always ask for her pucci after dancing without she won’t even get a rest, pls beta seek for a divorce now b/4 he puff you

  6. obinna what the hell u talking about what u mean by they are singing for the devil why do u have to take it to this extent its not that serious chill out bro

  7. Bezo, you’re really a troublesome humanbeing,and you sounds nagatively in every of your work.

  8. Bench,you don come here again with ur funny English…lolz please don’t kill us with ur response

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