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Fake Lufthansa Airlines Pilot, Captain Rajan Mahbubani Arrested In New Delhi [PHOTOS]

fake lufthansa pilot captain arrested new delhi india

Fake Lufthansa Airlines Pilot, Captain Rajan Mahbubani Arrested In New Delhi India [PHOTOS]

Check out more photos of fake Captain Rajan Mahbubani, a 48-year-old business man arrested in New Delhi for impersonating a Lufthansa Pilot.

fake lufthansa pilot arrested india photos

The conman who is fond of wearing pilot’s and navy uniform was carrying a fake ID card when he was detained at the Airport in the Indian capital.

According to Police, the suspect was detained Mahbubani was detained at the departure gate of a flight to Kolkata after the chief security officer of Lufthansa at IGI Airport reported a suspicious movement of a passenger in the uniform of Lufthansa airlines.

During investigation, he revealed that he was a frequent traveller  and would wear the pilot’s uniform to escape queues and the longer screening process for normal passengers.

The police added that Mahbubani said he always uses the passage reserved for airline crew members and sometimes he would get his seat upgraded.

According to investigation, Mahbubani had used the fake ID card on several occasions in the past 6 months.

fake Lufthansa pilot arrested in india

A criminal case has been filed against the founder of a consultancy firm in New Delhi.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. berry blue

    November 21, 2019 at 11:43 AM

    if it is in Nigerian, he can continue to use it for God knows when before the arrest will come.

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