Fake US Returnee, Serial Womaniser Found Dead At Dina Hotel In Lagos


man found dead lagos hotel

July 17, 2014 – Fake US Returnee, Serial Womaniser Found Dead At Dina Hotel In Lagos

”A young guy died in an hotel(Dina’s hotel)along LASU exp way two weeks ago.
He usually meet girls on Facebook and lie about his financial status,when the girls come n visit,they lodge,have sex then he gives them dud cheque.That’s his module operandi till that fateful day.

He met a babe on Facebook according to the gist,she is in d east’he told her he will be returning from the States.but he refused to disclose her name to his friends.
On the day of the rendezvous, he got his friend to drive him to hotel acting as the cab driver bringing him from d airport.dressed as a Yankee returnee.
The next day,after trying to reach him severally to no avail, his friend went to hotel to check him.

The manager went to open the room the guy slept in,and he was dead,looking like he was asleep but whitish substance coming out of his mouth. The girl was nowhere to be found,taking his phone along but she left the bag she carried filled with rubbish clothes.the gateman said she told him she wanted to get recharge card when she left earlier.
Nobody knows the girl,nobody knows her name,nobody knows what killed him.
The friend was detained but he had no info on the babe.

[Report by Stella D]