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Fayose: Buhari Can Never Be My Father Because My Mother Is Older Than Him

fayose mother older than buhari

August 24, 2017 – Fayose: Buhari Can Never Be My Father Because My Mother Is Older Than Him, I Have No Apology For What I Said

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has said he stands by all claims that the President Muhammadu Buhari was in coma on July 6, adding that he had no apology whatsoever for all he said.

Fayose told leaders of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) who visited him in Ado Ekiti that his agitation and revelation were responsible for the return of Buhari last Saturday.

“If not for our efforts Buhari wouldn’t have returned now. Buhari is sick and tired and even his physical appearance betrayed this. He needs to go home and rest. Today, they have cancelled the Federal Executive Council meeting. You cannot hide the truth forever, it will reveal itself someday. You cannot continue to deceive Nigerians.

“Every word that has come out of my mouth before the president returned, I have no apology for them. President Buhari was indeed in coma and one of those who visited him said his recovery is a miracle. That shows that he was indeed very sick.

“Let Buhari go back to Daura and rest. Don’t send him to early grave. Buhari is not old enough to be my father, my mother is older than Buhari, he cannot be my father, he can only be my uncle. I am close to 60. I stand by all I have said about the president. We are glad he is back, but don’t over flog him.

“I am not a sycophant and I stand to speak for Nigeria. Somebody must be able to speak on behalf of the poor masses. This was how they deceived us during the time of Yar’Adua. I am not an hypocrite and I will never be one. This country deserves a very healthy person. The office of the president is not for a sick man. The president is tired and should be allowed to resign and go and rest. I have said it several time, and without apologies. Everything I said when the president was away, I stand by them. The president actually went into coma and this was attested to by what one of the governors who visited him when he was abroad said that his recovery was a miracle. When somebody’s recovery is a miracle it simply means something very serious happened to the person.

“Since the president himself cannot disclose his health status and also the extent of his ailment, it apparently shows that there is so much to hide.

“You can’t be our president without us knowing what is happening to you. So, for me, the president went into coma July 6. Today, they can come back and organise rallies and all that; they attested to the fact the president recovered by miracle which we are glad about. We are happy th at he is back But when you at the president, you will see that he is emaciated, tired and weak.

“You don’t have to be president at all cost. When you are tired, go home. I don’t want to talk about 2019, but I want to tell you that Nigeria needs a president that is agile and strong. The job is too much for an individual that does not have what it takes. It is a common saying that health is wealth. Everything is about health. We wish him well and we want him to recover but the president should throw in the towel, resign and go home.

Regardless, Nasarawa State Governor, Umaru Tanko Almakura said Buhari presidency is the best thing to have happen to Nigeria.

The governor who stated this, yesterday, in Lafia during an interactive session with newsmen said the president’s stand on the state of the nation was timely, highly mature and the best decision for Nigeria irrespective of religious, tribal and political differences that abound in the country.

“I want to commend the president for the highly matured and fundamental speech. Nothing could be better than that for the country. People are talking about some superficial things, but if you study deeply the speech of the president, it stated that we have nowhere to call ours than this country.

“Like it or not, there is nothing you can do about the Buhari’s presidency, it has happened and we have agreed to come together to be an indivisible one united country. From 1914, when North and South were amalgamated, we became one country,” he said.

[Daily Sun]



  1. Alex

    August 24, 2017 at 5:26 AM

    Fayose nonentity,seeking relevance.Bastard child

  2. Luku

    August 24, 2017 at 5:40 AM

    Chicken doesn’t brave.
    Knife doesn’t easy for cow neck.
    Big mouth wanting to continue to eat pounded yam.

  3. Mon

    August 24, 2017 at 5:46 AM

    People who seems to know this Fayose always bash on him, though i still see most of the politicians to be the same,especially a place like Nigeria..they are all the same but only partitioned themselves with a common agenda(to keep Nigeria masses in darkness). He Fayose is very outspoken and most atime hit the point, but if Nigeria will ever continue to exit,we do not need much talk,action is required to move things around.
    In developed World,their difference is only in approach but have common goal to better their Nation,fighting to leave a better legacy.

  4. Alex

    August 24, 2017 at 10:21 AM

    Fayose nonentity indeeed.God is not man,how I wish that God will just inflict this stupid idiot of a bastard with a terrible ailment.Maybe he would learn to appreciate God that is being alive and healthy is not by his own power. Senseless stupid old fool.Statements that should not be credited to his children,I’m disappointed it’s coming from this old,senseless idiot.Stupid thing,seeking relevance,were alaso.

  5. wonderfulgodglory

    August 24, 2017 at 11:15 AM

    Really fayose is out spoken man. He doesn’t want anyone to be in darkness. so he desire everyone to realise that we Nigerians are living in darkness whereby it cannot produce anything. His ambition of speaking, is to let everyone know that we are being cheated on daily by the so called present. He was voted for to lead the nation forward. not to destroy it. since the existence of our Nation “Nigeria” we have never experienced economy failure. But his administration has caused doom in our economy. Buhary who spoke about indivisional body, knows that if did not speak on the subject, he will be blamed for and as a president, he is not given that authority to remain silent and cannot dare to speak separation. He is constitutionally eqiped not the other way round thanks!

  6. kemkem

    August 24, 2017 at 12:53 PM

    fayose, u are right, Nigeria does not need a sick president AND A THIEF like you and the other politicians. you guys don’t have anything to offer us. how have you fayose benefitted the poor masses of ekiti state? is there good governance and accountability in Ekiti state? may God punish all of you Nigeria politicians and your generations.

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