Fayose To Nigerians: I Will Become Your President In 2019 By Divine Intervention

fayose become nigeria president divine intervention

July 7, 2017 – Fayose To Nigerians: I Will Become Your President In 2019 By Divine Intervention

The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, said on today he would become Nigeria’s president in 2019 through divine intervention.

He predicted that two events that would determine Nigeria’s future ahead of the 2019 presidential election would take place this month.

Fayose, who spoke while delivering the 13th convocation lecture of the Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, said something would give way for him to become the country’s president in 2019.

The Ekiti Governor, who spoke on the theme: “Education and Actualisation,” said he would continue to play politics until he becomes the country’s president.

He vowed never to become a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), saying Nigerians especially the youths, were brainwashed through the social media to vote “for a President they never know.”

The governor said Nigeria’s greatest problem was not corruption but attitude of the leadership and the followers.

He accused the APC-led government of playing politics with the anti-corruption campaign, insisting that the “actual thieves are in Buhari’s government.”

Fayose said no meaningful achievements would be recorded in the educational sector if teachers were not placed on the driver’s seat.

“Teachers remain the only solution to the revival of education. Education is currently at its lowest ebb in Nigeria.

A man struggling to pay Ekiti state workers salaries is wishing to become Naija President??? Nawa..

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

Goodluck to Fayose and his unrealistic ambition.

11 thoughts on “Fayose To Nigerians: I Will Become Your President In 2019 By Divine Intervention

  1. Nigeria greatest problem is not corruption, really!!! Na wah oh… “If wishes were horses, beggars would surely ride”.

  2. Besides, he is very rude and insolent. Has no respect for elders. What event will happen to project Fayose into the presidential seat? Even if President Buhari dies, will he kill the Vice President? Go say that to the northerners and see how they will mow you down like a trailer crushed you into pieces. Divine intervention ko, Ifa Orunmila socialization ni. Yeye man.

  3. Yeye man,maybe he meant to say he would win his Local Government Council election and not Presidential election.Who will vote for this one?

  4. By year 2019, Gov. Fayose will be in maximum prison for the looting of Ekiti state money and election fraud. This idiot hasn’t pay over seven months of Ekiti state workers because he is a clueless idiot who lack the skills to govern once a great and progressive state. Ekiti state has seen no progress, no new business, no new projects, no peace since he was imposed on us by Badluck Jonathan through open election fraud. What is visible in Ekiti right now are many abandoned projects from the former governor-Fayemi that this tout or Area boy turned govornor refuses to complete or touch. Gov. Fayose is an insane and heartless politician who will rather buy expensive SUVs to bribe ever corrupt Ekiti state legislature instead of paying those staving and hungry Ekiti state workers their dues. He bribed those crooks and criminals in order to avert impeachment after more than N2 billions were discovered in his personal account and seized by the EFCC last year. If Fayose used people’s money to bribe those that have the power to impeach him for looting and embezzlement, can he escape God’s divine punishment for punishing those poor,voiceless, and powerless Ekiti state workers? Time will tell because whatever a man sow the same he shall reap.

  5. @omokehinda if all these that u said is truth?GOD FORBID he will not rule us Amen,Mighty God hear d cry of d poor that have no hope and bring out some body that will rule Nigeria And lead us WELL so that it will be like singapore come 2019,fake evils candidate die in Mighty Name our Lord d Creator Amen.

  6. Let us brace ourselves for Fayose for President;Fani Kayode fro Vice President ;Kanu for Senate President-the crazies are emerging to lead-Rabblerouzcracy is about to be born in Nigeria.

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