Fayose Orders Ekiti People To Disobey Fayemi’s Curfew Order “Call Me If Anyone Arrest U”

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Oct 15, 2014 – Fayose Orders Ekiti People To Disobey Fayemi’s Curfew Order “Call Me If Anyone Arrest U”

The present Governor of Ekiti State Fayemi on Sept 26 orders a 7pm to 7am curfew to curb the activities of hoodlums supporting the incoming governor, Ayo Fayose after a series of violence that killed several people in the state.

Fayemi said that the curfew was necessitated by the widespread violence that greeted the murder of a former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, Omolafe Aderiye, by gunmen.

Few hours to his inauguration, Fayose has called on the indigenes of Ekiti to go against Fayemi’s order because it will bring untold hardship on them.

Today Fayose said, “It is unfortunate that people have been put under needless pressure and I have discussed with the police and the army on the need to let people move around freely.”

“I have spoken with the security agencies on the need to allow people to move freely. As from today, I have released people to go about freely. There is no more curfew.

“No security agent will arrest you. Anyone who is harassed or arrested should call me.”

Fayose gave out a mobile line that people could call him on to secure their release if arrested.The governor, who promised to personally seek the release of anyone arrested by law enforcement agencies, also likened the alleged last-minute efforts by the All Progressives Congress and the Ekiti-11 to stop his October 16 inauguration to the last kick of a dying horse.

Hmmm Fayose has not changed this his trouble making habit but why would he order people to go against the present governor, why can’t he wait till his inauguration on Thursday.

This Jonathan pikin too like trouble.

10 thoughts on “Fayose Orders Ekiti People To Disobey Fayemi’s Curfew Order “Call Me If Anyone Arrest U”

  1. Is not by power but the spirit; says by the Lord.
    Have keep silent on Ekiti State matter this days because have said what the Lord revealed to me on Ekiti State before the Election and nobody note this, so let us see what will happen.

  2. If this order is true, the governor elect should have wait till he has the power constitutionally to do so. ‘If’ was used due to the fact that most of the south west media houses are bias.

  3. Ekiti State i sorry for u,Thug is ur Goverenor,God i beg oh,Fayemi,they will pray and beg of u to comeback,after Fayese make Ekiti to be like Brono State during Modu Sheriff, that was hwo Boko Harm come to be.

  4. I think it is tantamount to disrespect to the rule of law for Fayose to make a decree against the government pronouncement. until his swearing in, he has no legal power to do such. well, i think this is a warning signal concerning the government to expect. Oju to ba maa ba ni kale kii ti aro sepin. Ekiti should watch it

  5. Ekiti People has choosen the Talkmanship bus to go with,l pray that God will let all of you drop in peace.I want to let Ekiti People know one thing, Ayo will never bring food on your table but l want to advise people to intensify to work hard so that you will be able to eat & feed their family. Finally the elite that Ayo was talking to will finish him.

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