Fayose Says EFCC Plotting To Impeach Him Over Ekiti State Governorship Election Fraud

efcc to impeach fayose

June 20, 2016 – Fayose Says EFCC Plotting His Impeachment Over Ekiti State Governorship Election Fraud

Governor Fayose has raised an alarm over plan by the EFCC to implicate him in the June 21, 2014 governorship election in the state.

During a press briefing in Abuja on Sunday, the controversial governor alleged that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Babachir Lawal and the Attorney General of Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN) were coordinating moves for his impeachment.

“Activities of these elements that are obviously afraid of facing another electoral defeat in 2018 are being coordinated through the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Babachir Lawal, and the Attorney General of the Federation.

“Certain top functionaries of the Ekiti State government and some important members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State, and some associates of mine, have now been pencilled down for arrest and indefinite detention by the EFCC under the guise of investigating the funds spent by the PDP on the June 21, 2014 governorship election and the presidential election,” the governor stated.

The SGF, however, denied the allegation and said only Ekiti people can decide Fayose’s fate. “It has never crossed my mind that he should be impeached. That is for the people of Ekiti State to decide,” he said in a text message to Daily Telegraph.

10 thoughts on “Fayose Says EFCC Plotting To Impeach Him Over Ekiti State Governorship Election Fraud

  1. It will never work for buhari. He is tactically using the EFCC to give Fayose a yellow card becos he is being so outspoken, and he did not allow buhari‘s brothers to plunder his State like Enugu, Benue, Taraba etc…

    Why Gov. Fayose of all the Govs in Nigeria. Has he investigated all the northern Govs? Or are they all saints? Himself, how clean was his election?

    Kano State has about 45 LGAs, but buhari was said to had won all the LGs without a single invalid vote, how possible how true was that? Is he the founding father of Kano State.

    Is buhari even a Nigerian? I am suspecting him, Infact, the NIS need to investigate buhari‘s potentiality of nationality. He looks like someone from Niger Rep. That story about his been from Daura may be falacious and fraudulent. He doesn‘t speak like us, he doesn‘t reason like us what are his biological facts? Or is it also so conflicting like his certificate saga?
    A fulani herdsman from only God knows where wanting to investigate a SON OF THE SOIL bcos providence has smiled on him and he has become president.

    Let Ekiti people decide the fate of their son not you. If he has been singing ur praises would you have ever thought of sending your corrupt efcc to investigate him?
    Leave Fayose alone or face kerma. Be warned. Be wise.

    I take a stroll…

  2. This governor has diarrhea of the mouth.He is a rough and lacks decorum. All this while that he has been insulting the President and he was ignored he saw it as having fun. Now his day of reckoning has come, he’s making noise. Governor Ayodele Fayose please carry your cross and stop disturbing us.The same President you referred to as wearing baby pampers is the same person that wants to deal with you now. Maybe you will learn your lesson.

  3. CRAP..corrupt atiku met Gmb in uk recently,saint amechi and jagaban bankrolled his election and has now become untouchables.fulani cattle rearers blocked his ear and people massacred on daily basis across the country.fraudlent office holders crying wolf.five percenters dont need u guys.

  4. Why will anybody think that those who have questions to answer must be left alone. Now is the time that we allow our law enforcements to do their job without any side attractions. It is really sad that we have not learned from the past mistakes. Once they the EFCC have the legitimate evidence to prosecute anybody with a questionable character, then justice must take its course .

  5. Is fayose scared of bn impeached? More so, every election in this country was never a fair one.

  6. Why is d nationality of buhari now in question, he as been a president of dis country once, he had been in d army, his schooling as been on dis soil since he grew up. Why now doubtg his naturalisation all bcos some people don’t like him, anyway all dat is politics.
    Why is fayose that is suppossed to be d son of d soil disgracing us, his people are not happy with him, since he became d governor, he has not impacted any good thing in his state all he does is share food and insult people, is dat what he was elected for.
    Let him face d job he is calld to do, I mean get busy and stop waistIing our time, dis country and its people are hungry for serious minded leaders dat are ready to contribute positively to d nation not side attractions.

  7. If it can be prove that the election was rigged and the petitioner or EFCC can back it up, I don’t see any problem in this irrespective of who Fayose is.

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