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February 14, 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: APC Vs PDP, Who Will Emerge The Winner ?


February 14, 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: APC Vs PDP, Who Will Emerge The Winner ?

2015 nigerian president election

January 5, 2015 – February 14, 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: APC Vs PDP, Who Will Emerge The Winner 


As we slowly find our way fully into 2015, the joy of celebrations by now has withered. The politics of the moment is in full swing. In just two months away we will know who the LORDS OF THE RINGS will be.

You must be glad to hear that as against former predictions of a revolutionary concoction that will see the grave end of this country, prophesies have come from renowned men of God like Adeboye, Kumuyi and TB Joshua to buttress the communion of beliefs that Nigeria should be #UnitedBeyond2015.

We had assumed that as the New Year began in first January, we might have a political holiday on that day but it never happened. Politicians seized the day to make some daring speeches hitting up the polity in the process. Sounds of bomb blast in certain parts of the north east did not help matters fueling the debate on the competencies of the incumbent president whose New Year speech was geared towards the crushing of the terror group Boko Haram.

If you’ve being on the internet in recent times, you’d probably have noticed that almost every dick and harry had a New Year speech. It seems making new year speeches has become fanciful and political too.

It’s not only the president that has the right to address the nation, the intendee president and a host of other political big wigs can and should be able to address the nation, and so it was.

Khaki no be leather and the APC are preparing their assault. They have hired professional foreign coaches who are putting them through the punching process. PDP are becoming weary as they try to make do with the home grown super coaches they have always relied upon in the last few years. All the boxers are preparing in their special training camps because when they hit the rings in February, jaws must break and only one party will remain.

If the prophesies come true as expected, we have heard it wont be so easy a battle amongst the two heavy weights. Even the fans like us will be involve in this encapsulating festival of fire that once our candidates don’t win, we will go heaven and hell burning cars and houses to show our grievances.

INEC the referee is also preparing. There will also be serious side punches that will hit him so he has to practice with all the tenacity he can garner. He must be preparing hard as prophesies have foretold the impending sidekicks that will try to bring him down in the ring.

Did you hear the serious jab that came to the PDP camp from the APC over the New Year? Seriously it was no gain say. The APC is seriously not taking its training easy. They are sending words all over the internet of the PDP’s incapacity at defending Nigerians.

Last two weeks it was PDP talking about certificates and APC’S semi educated Presidential aspirant. So they said, not me. And then APC replied seriously with enough Christmas jabs. There will certainly be more jabs from both ends until the D day when they call it the big fight. If you never get your khaki, hurry before it increases cost in this New Year. You already are aware of the economic downgrade our country is suffering from. Hurry, get your khaki before it becomes hot cake. Igbo businessmen, here is a one million dollar business. For those aspiring bloggers, you can create a blog on how to make khaki materials.

Google will be certainly filled with answering such questions, because na khaki go be the uniform.

In this battle, anyhow na how. Whatever and however you go trying to win, it’s who wins that really matters after all. Have you not heard? Serious canvassing is already ongoing in churches and mosques.

The politicians have inflicted our religious grounds with political sickness. Religious clerics are taking sides fast fast. At least a pastor is running for vice presidential position, and he is our brother.

The incumbent president was in church on New Year day and he had so much to say. He is hearing so much and so must have a reply. I’m sure he never anticipated such strong opposition he is having now.

Even his friends before before are now taunting him with bad image. They are saying leave the ring for “you know who.” Well since prophesies have arrived of his winning however fierce the opposition, he should be more relaxed through this training and drilling process. If he had this kind of challenge before now, Nigeria should have changed. Thank you APC, lessons have being learnt.

The hand boys in Boko Haram are not even helping matters. The way they are going about this their wrestling is not making Nigerians happy. They are fighting the wrong people. If they could bomb Aso rock, it would have being appreciated. That’s the price though of the banter so they won’t go there. It’s for their ogas, the men to boys. That’s why the people’s voice will become increasingly powerful against them. When the people boo, God has spoken. Vaux populi est vaux Dieu.

This battle royal would indeed be a royal battle. Olamide, who has being offered a coaching role in the training process of the APC, has seriously “unleashed the beast.” You needed to be there to see the guerillas that had to deal with the vice president aspirant. Though his fans never liked his presence there, the man no send, provided that the beast in him was being unleashed, he has no problem with offending his numerous fans.

PDP and their contestants must be yearning for one big show of one musician too for some drilling. Maybe D’banj or MI may soon be called upon to offer their prowess and you will find the incumbent president there with all his aides. Politicians know this our musicians are very creative with unique skills and talents and they will just be good enough as tutors to learn some new dancing steps or slang. The PDP will call theirs “release the monster.” Oh! For now the tickets for entry into the battle dome are hard to get. There were actually long queues to get the permanent voters card by those who had the temporary one and most qualified voters who never had the voters card who had tried to register for one hit real rock. It is certain that most who would have voted have died through the last four years. The new qualified ones will have to wait outside the dome to watch inside proceedings on large screens or be told how it happened. I hope you understand.

If you are a tout, there is no wahala, you will stand by the gates. These warriors really need your cooperation and service. They are counting on you to ensure only the right supporters find their way into the dome. The seats are already tagged for the ogas at the top. They have to watch to know  which side they will have to shift to.

If you know what I see, mchewt.. This battle no go easy. I don’t expect the two oppositions to be looking nice on that day. Now, Jonathan is busy talking cool and throwing hands in plea to Nigerians, Buhari is busy smiling with kids and assuring them of a better Nigeria, Sambo is busy attending festivals and Osinbajo doesn’t attend church anymore, he attends shows. They are not showing off their plans except for some exceptional training trials they’ve been lashing at themselves in preparation for the Day.

When that day arrives, both sides will be sweating profusely, jaws will shift and hands will lose balance and we will yell. Ah, it will be hellish as opposing fans will raise arms against each other in support of their warriors.

Both fighters will be too weak to even finish the battle. As they both will lie on the ground, the referee will call the normal ten counts. One, two, three, four….nine. just then Buhari will rise. But before he does fully stand, Jonathan will receive some uncommon energy and rush to stand aright. INEC would be infuriated and call the game off for a refight. Fans won’t agree and they will go over the roads burning cars and vehicles to show their grievances.

Then the military machines will take over as on the roads all across Nigeria for a refight that will see G—become president.

We are watching. @ekekere



  1. Tokunbo Rainbow

    January 5, 2015 at 1:34 AM

    geJ all the way. Apc should go and chop s**t

  2. KEVIN

    January 5, 2015 at 3:14 AM


  3. Omachoko Joseph

    January 5, 2015 at 8:34 AM

    APC/GMB/Osinbajo will beat PDP/GEJ woefully. Gone are those days that power of incumbency works.PDP/GEJ have everything including INEC to rig the elections but I bet with you, history will be made come Feb.14,2015.

  4. Ade

    January 5, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    God will fight on our behalf…Enof of gej..Come change 2015..Sai Buhari

  5. uncle k

    January 5, 2015 at 11:07 AM

    Forget about the names of party’s, I am concerned about the persons involved,it’s a battle between Dr Goodluck Jonathan and BokoHaram Bihari, Nigerians are to choose between BOKO haram fighter GEJ or it’s initiator GMB.If they vote Bihari, more deadly than Bokoharam sect’s will emerged, if they vote Mr President, he will continue with his good works not minding distraction from GMB whom has sworn to make the country ungorvanable for Mr President.Should we therefore vote BOKO HARAM founder? Make no mistake,once a terrorist is always a terrorist. No more Fulani’s.

  6. D Hunter

    January 5, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    Uncle K, may d new Yr b a holistic & unfathomable blessings 2 U & all d entire members of ur family 4 diz brilliant comment U hv posted here.

    Dnt mind all diz gulliable empty brains commentn rubbish abt wat they knw notin of.

    Goodluck Jonathan may nt hv perform up2 expectatn B U T I personally can neva vote 4 a man lk Buhari & co. A boko haram‘s god-fada n a religous fanatic lk him, NEVA!

    It‘s still Goodluck Jonathan come Feb, 14th 2015 n dia z No distraction dat can change dat by d special grace of JEHOVAH EL-SHADDAI, d only 1 2ru God of d Christians who created d Heaven n d Earth n evrytin in dem.

    All d mayhems in d con3 ar principally motiva8d by d northern selfish, greedy, n wicked relegious sentimental so called leaders.

    Wat ppl dont knw iz… Buhari choosn Osinbanjo as his runnin ma8 iz totally a hoax just 2 draw sm gulliable christian supporters 2 himslf.

    I am instictively informed dat, its also a plan 2 islamized d con3 in disguise.
    Diz iz wat he iz likely 2 do…
    Lets ride….
    If we vote buhari in2 power, he will set Osinbanjo up 2 b assasinated by a false attack on himslf n his VP just lk he did in Kaduna State sm few mths bk, remember?

    Whn his VP got killed by then power iz still in his hands, he‘ll den bring in a fellow muslim VP dat will work hand in hand wt him 2 islamized d con3 n spread sharia all ova d Federation.



    January 5, 2015 at 7:05 PM

    God will punish anybody that comes here to blackmail any one out of the two candidate GEJ and GMB ,that person will not see mercy of god this year amennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  8. D Hunter

    January 5, 2015 at 8:08 PM

    God will punish any pers or animal dat has escaped 4rm d zoo n blind 2 a vivid fact n also tryn 2 poison d mind of 2ru Nigerians in d hope of misleadn dem 2 dia greatest perils.
    Such may nt even live 2 c Feb. 14th 2015.

  9. bezo

    January 5, 2015 at 9:51 PM

    i don’t know why this **** of a *** will always comment ****, where is red! is she dead, *** are meant to be in the bush and not to comment like the **** they hunt on ****, **** along all gej fans God will definitely rule his fans the way he ruled this country, Amen to that.

  10. D Hunter

    January 6, 2015 at 2:31 PM

    Bezo, u nw me too well, I dnt hv any interest in wasting my precious tym on a product of a leaking **** lk u. A ****who talks n comment lk 1 who emanated 4rm a tree in d forest.

  11. D Hunter

    January 6, 2015 at 2:38 PM

    @ bezo, and as 4 d qust abt my red being dead, I wnt u 2 knw n undstnd dat, b4 Miss Red die, d entire members of ur miserable **** datz if u hv any, must hv died, **** n rot off in dia graves, even @ dat, Miss Red wll still b v much alive n kickn in perfect health n strenght n prosperity. Ewu, aturu fulani.

  12. Tunde Okedele

    January 13, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    Change or Continuity for another 4 years
    In as much as I would not want to go too political because I am not a politician, I will like to see the next Presidential Election as not a contest between APC and PDP, Jonathan and Buhari, but a call for Change against Continuity.
    According to oxford dictionary, for the purpose of this write up, Change is defined as removal (something dirty or faulty) and replacement with another of the same kind while Continuity is the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over time.
    That is, if there is vote for Change in politics, it might cleanse and possibly make a nation reclaim her lost glory.
    If there is vote for Change, of course, it means new thing in its entirety- this could be a moment of liberation forever for any Nation. A vote for change made South Africa a place where more than 4m Nigerians seek refuge till tomorrow.
    On the other hand, a vote for Continuity, means, consistent existence of good or bad services being rendered by the present government.
    A vote for Continuity, means trying same thing, several times, definitely nothing new is expected if nothing is changed.
    Miracle that fails in six years under a prophet, I am afraid it might take forever to manifest. Changing this prophet or his ministry, to me, never a bad idea.
    If only interest of this country could be placed above political sentiments, self-interest or any other thing at all, I believe any shoeless or blind man who wants nothing but better future for this country knows what to vote for between Change and Continuity.
    Nigeria has had enough wasted years, we cannot continue in the old way and expect new result.
    Even in the university, if a student is performing below expectation, he or she will be advised to withdraw or try another department.
    I am not against or in support of any man personally but I want to live in a country where corruption is minimal, where education is well structured, where tax payers enjoy basic infrastructures, where there is equal opportunity irrespective of my background, where fear of prison makes me behave and obey simple laws.
    And how can this happen, change possibly??? Because it is clear that continuity can only take us to Chibok- bush of no return!!!
    I hope that one day, our country will make us proud, that you and I can confidently pull out our passport anywhere in the world and say, I am a Nigerian!!!
    Remember safe trip is just a wish, so good luck… indications that his luck is good and I am afraid if trip with him will be safe any longer. A vote for change is not only wise but a contribution to make Nigeria a better place for ALL!!!
    No party, No personal interest, just in the interest of my dear country…..Okedele Babatunde Ojo.

  13. mom

    January 21, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    how long do we continue with baba abeokuta? should he continue to run this country even after leaving office so many years ago? Inshort, who are those binging the changes? people like baba lagos that left senate to be come govnor and made his wife senator and inlaws made assembly members and others councillor? these apc guys that i know do not have the change. so nemo dat quad no abet. u cannot give what u do not have. we sabi them . they greedy fools. are not the same people that so the southwest last election to pdp after dinner with presido. now we no be mumu. we go continue with the man when we know,

  14. George O Jackson

    February 1, 2015 at 7:17 PM

    A blood socker can not rule this country since you want to soak Nigerians in blood let’s see if he is more than God.A failure is always a failure.

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