Female NYSC Corpers Fighting Over A Man In Ibadan

Oct 6, 2012 – Female NYSC Corpers Fighting Over A Man In Ibadan

These two yeye ladies(NYSC Corpers) were recently spotted fighting at Ibadan, Oyo State over a man. www.naijagists.com

According to a witness of the fight, the lady on the right accused the other one of calling her man before a heated argument that started the fight

Na wa o make them take things easy o.

Life is too short for these kind yeye fight.

55 thoughts on “Female NYSC Corpers Fighting Over A Man In Ibadan

    • They lost hope of getting married again. May be theres no other man to hold on with or they have messed up with their life with men around.
      Only a foolish corper/s can acts this and it should be a lesson to other women that didnt depend and trust in thy God for a faithiful husband. The young man they are fighting for, if not married might be enjoying another woman else where.
      Corpers re serving men now insted of their nation.

    • Anyway, if truly na man cause this wahalla, then both of them are very stupid infact they are capital idiots, upon all their education and maturity and also the NYSC uniform they are fightn bcz of prick,hmmmm ekwensu ifele megbuo gi, education is not wisdom. sorry girls

    • This thing happened at Ibadan not in camp. Man or no man,they r just a disgrace τ̲̅ȍ themselves

  1. fight is nothing but a crude way of settling scores, but men are really not easy to come by in our NAIJA of today:reason those girls with certificate they can`t defend even feel proud as wife to men with little or no education in the name of “mrs” what a shame to educated illitrates.

  2. Na so Men take scarce for una side! Make una come over here instead of fighting stupid Urchins. Infact you people are not only a disgrace to Nigerian NYSC but a shame & a big blow the state where both of you came from. Tufiakwa !!!

  3. NYSC candidates, are they not matual enough?, just bcos of a man, we ave many guys outside, bend down and select ur own. I counted everytin as robish. Sometime i dont blame some of them bcos they went to private universities, dat is y dey dont ave full knowledge of everytin

  4. Shameless tinz, a curse to womanhood. Instead of serving your Father's land and protecting your integrity as leaders of today and the future. Both of u were busy trying to naked urself before your generation and generation unborn. Oh what a tragedy all because of a MAN. 4rm the look of tinz I begin to wonder if both of u pass through the university or the university pass through u. U don't deserve to put on those uniform.

  5. D story is so ugly how can two beauriful and mature ladies fight over a man? so sad; ladies pls wise up!

  6. Wel, i dnt blame dem cos education of a lady witout husband is robish, nd u no dt 2 get husband is nt easy if ur nt beautiful lady! So am sure dt dey mind is 2 graduate wit 2 tins, but ar u sure dt dey ar fighting? Cos i did nt see any of there pant or brazy hahahahahahahahaha! Women are very funny

  7. All you ladies saying rubbish bend down select, you all forget that men also kill themselves for your sake…tell me when you find a real man that’s worth it and lose her for another lady and i’ll tell you how foolish you are for life…What i’m trying to saying is in all you do be diplomatic about it simple…is all about common sens.

  8. Tnk God w, girlsomen knw;s dat we r nt easy 2 find nw adays, u both r a disgrace 2 ur family, so women go;s 2 NYSC 2 find whom 2 hookup wit, or NYSC is a trainging 4 husband dat women 2 come and chose girls r mad?

  9. they both should’ve been sent to at least one month imprisonment for fighting on duty…idiots, it’s things like this the authority overlooks that leads to innocent young people being lynched on the street in broad day light ..NO LAW AND ORDER… hissssssssssssss

  10. Dem y amazed by ds yeye girls. Is it becos they r corpers or wat? Gön in d dayz men rack 4 girlz. Now we MEN r essential commodity, hot cake, more scarce dan möney. I say no bi marid man dem dey fight 4 sef. Dem neva start, women ds dayz beg men 2 marry dem. Men we r nw d king so reigh any wia u r.

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