Fiance Brokeup With Nigerian Woman 2 Months To Wedding: Suicidal Lady Cries Out For Help


fiance brokeup woman

Oct 10, 2014 – Fiance Left London-Based Nigerian Woman 2 Months To Wedding: Suicidal Lady Cries Out For Help

Heartbreak Is Not The End Of The World, Take Heart Dear Fan

In the past 6 months, I have developed closeness to my fans and I’m loving it.

Many of you do write me for advice and inspiration, please keep it coming that is what I’m here to do.

I love to make you happy and hearing good things about you make my day.

A very dear fan just sent me an mail that made me cry few minutes ago.

She is a student based in London but her man is in Minnesota.

Her K1 visa has been approved and she is set to travel to the US next week.

To the shock of her life, her fiance of over 5 years just broke up with her (very painful).

The man said that his mother told him to leave her because she dreamt that she’ll abandon him once she gets to the United States.

So the guy told the lady not to come again.

OMG this lady is very suicidal, I was forced to call her.

Dear Moyo,

I feel your pain and heartache, haaaaaaaa it is so so painful.

It can happen to anybody all I will say is this, God allowed this to happen for a reason.

What if you married him today and he end up leaving you tomorrow, that would have been more painful.

Take heart, be strong, remember the saying “A broken courtship is better than broken marriage”.

It is not over for you, you will get back up again, God will bring a sweet guy to your life that will make you forget your past pain and heartbreaks. Be strong. We love you.

Please dear fans, let us encourage Moyo, she needs kind words from us all… e no easy.