Foluke Daramola Confirms Her Husband Didn’t Divorce His Ex-wife

kayode salako divorce wife

March 10, 2013 – Foluke Daramola Confirms Her Husband Didn’t Divorce His Ex-wife

Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola who allegedly married another woman’s husband, a socialite and human right activist, Kayode Salako confirmed in a recent interview that he didn’t divorce his ex-wife (a Redeemed Pastor) before their glamorous wedding that took place in Lagos last month.

When queried about Kayode Salako’s marital status, below is what the actress said:

Interviewer: Is he properly divorced?

Foluke Daramola: No, he’s not. Proper divorce is a process; you know in Nigeria, one process might take about a year or two. I’m the one that is properly divorced now, he is not properly divorced.

So our dear actress married a man who is still legally married to another woman?…. hmmm… na wa o…..

10 thoughts on “Foluke Daramola Confirms Her Husband Didn’t Divorce His Ex-wife

  1. she didnt start it and she will not end this kind of bad tradition going in nigeria and africa in general.

  2. Salako once said he never married his ex wife,so where is the divorce coming from. God is watching you…

  3. Imagine people that are suppose to be teaching people good morals are the one doing bad things,Oun ti o da o da,Foluke Daramola,God is watching you o.and whatever you sow, u shall reap.

  4. Just as the man is not properly divorced and is still legaly married to his first wife so is her marriege with the man, it is not properly done because she is living with another woman’s husband. And i would not be surprise after all she herself once had a divorce, so I am sure it would not evast on this same man. Sorry for both of them.

  5. pasan ta fi na iyale, very soon nemesis will catch you up. ha ha you are not even afraid sleeping with another woman husband in her matrimonial bed. shame on you foluke.You will soon be show the way out, that man is not a man of his word, he will soon twist it that he didnt know what he was doing when he got married to you. watch and see.

  6. i taught Foluke was educated enough to know the full implication of marrying a MARRIED man but she can also get a presidential pardon for “stealing” a married man even if she is also convicted.

  7. She seems like a desperate woman to me, knowing that her first marriage did not work. Anyway God is watching.

  8. Let them be pls! They’re adults and knew what they’re doing. Also, they went into dis marriage with both eyes open. Was d ex wife right to have moved out of her matrimonial home? Don’t judge so u wil not b judged. Leave judgemnt & vengence to God pls!!

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