Foluke Daramola Praises Snatched Husband “Kayode Salako Is Romantic”

foluke daramola husband

Dec 2nd, 2013 – Foluke Daramola Praises Snatched Husband “Kayode Salako Is Romantic”

Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola recently rained praises on her hubby, Fasholamania boss Olukayode Salako.

In a recent interview with Daily watch, when asked on how romantic her man is, the mother of two said her allegedly snatched husband is extremely romantic and caring.

Hear Foluke in her own words:

“My husband is extremely romantic in his own special way. I love the way he treats me. Kayode often makes me feel like a real woman. He is genuinely attentive and caring. He is not the typical African man that would always want to lord it over a woman.

One thing I find more fascinating about our relationship is that, it is naturally inclined, and whenever we are together, we express it all, most times like two teenagers falling in love for the first time. We express it in kisses and in holding each other passionately.

This is the same way we express it when we are trashing our differences. My husband can be comical sometimes, because he is very humorous. So he makes me laugh a lot. Kayode is very interesting to live with, and he is the best that has happened to my life, very, very romantic indeed,”.

For those who haven’t seen Kayode Salako’s legal wife, below is her picture.

bukola salakoKayode Salako and legal wife, Olubukola Salako

Her name is Bukola Salako. He married Kayode when he had nothing and the couple has three beautiful kids.

Though he has left her for Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola, Kayode is yet to officially divorce his wife. Olubukola is a pastor in Redeem church.

Na wa oooo husband snatchers dey plenty for Nollywood.

27 thoughts on “Foluke Daramola Praises Snatched Husband “Kayode Salako Is Romantic”

  1. I’m not surprised that is what Nollywood ladies are known for
    Enjoy ur romantic man while it lasts
    Do u think his wife will just sit down and allow u to take him away for life? hell no

  2. Most of these ladies have low self esteem bcos it takes negative self image for a woman to snatch another’s husband

  3. Did she had an accident or what’s that on her face, I hope she did not accrual makeup like that o, if not she need makeup therapy .

  4. Most ladies are useless and traitors to themselves and to boyfriends and husbands. Fathia’s is an example

  5. These two should please just disappear for Christ’s sake. Who is going around interviewing her really? She and her husband are just disgusting. Who cares whether he’s romantic or dry?
    No class at all.
    Im beginning t think the pastor (ex-wife) is actually lucky to be rid of this man with a running mouth.

  6. My Bible said that whosoever snatches a man’s wife is a thief and shall be covered with scroll of flies and also covered in a basket. I would like you to interpret these words before it comes on you. Your soul is important to your creator repent before it is too late.

  7. A man’s wife or a woman’s husband (correction)and you are dealing with a woman of God a pastor for that matter becareful foluke touch not my annointed or do my prophet no harm,and kids are involved you stole there father from them and still making mockery of yourself saying he is romantic who cares.

  8. She is too local, see her make, chei na wahoo. The man did not marry her with clear eyes. soon or later the love will fade and it will be too late for the man to go back to his real wife because of shame.

    Madam romantic God will visit you soon and you will cry.

  9. Why is that most time evil seems to shine and smile more,Does it mean that this Jezebel don’t have friends and family she takes advise from.what is going on with all this failed marriages even in the house of God ,soon,very soon those lips that kisses you will curse you,shameless jezebel and bonehead he goat.

  10. Foluke is indeed a whore, my dad’s younger brother still hooked up and slept with her last month, we all watched the video @home, but we all wished he could upload it. But told us he promised her not to but I’m sure when I get hold of that tab… I’ll upload to show y’all the kind of doggish DNA that flows in her

  11. ebi like say dis mondrate bonka fish of a man like fat women ooooo well fatty bonbon daramola u still dey get mouth dey yann go pray to baba God to 4give u ur sin ooo ,i rest my case.

  12. Imagine!! See what the once “black and beautiful” foluke daramola has done τ̲̣̣̥ǿ her glowing skin…Ew.!.she now luks like a masquerade!!! Infact dis make up is a disaster!!!

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