Fred Amata Escapes Death In LA Earthquake

freq amata escape death in la

August 10th, 2012 – Fred Amata Escapes Death In Los Angeles Earthquake

Nollywood Actor Fred Amata is currently thanking God for another opportunity to see today as he escaped death in a horrific 4.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles yesterday.

Below is his personal account of what happened.

Last night in Los Angeles experienced the first ever Earth Quake in my life. Reports this morn, say it was a 4.4 magnitude on the scale. With a 2.7 after shock. I was lying in bed, at the twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness, when i felt my bed move.

I snapped out of limbo, my bed was moving shaking firmly from side to side, i did not have the faintest clue, what was happening, it was over too soon, every other thought raced through my mind, but the fact that it was an earth quake, i could not comprehend, what could this be i wondered, i started suspecting the super natural. Kai! I thought to myself, “dem fit follow me reach here” God nor go gree dem.I really have never experienced any thing supernatural. Then i began to wonder, did it just happen? Did my bed just move under me…”if Na winch, why na only de bed day move” which kain winch be dat? Then Jeta called. Fred! He screamed excitement in his tone. “Did you feel it”? Did you feel the earthquake.

Chei! Chei!! Chei!!! I started to laugh at myself, Africa Man, Our first thoughts always juju, and as i began to let my mind drift to times past and our forefathers and the many misconceptions that have become myth, legends and even rituals practiced fervently. I realise how blissfully dangerous innocence can be.

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