Fred Amata Robbed & Attacked By Armed Robbers Turned Kidnappers In Lagos, Actor Loses Lexus

armed robbers attack fred amata

June 25, 2016 – Armed Robbers Turned Kidnappers Attack Fred Amata At His House In Lagos Today, Actor Released

Confusion As Armed Robbers Snatch, Fred Amata Lexus, Apple iPhone, Money & Designer Shoes

This is not a good time for popular Nollywood actor Fred Amata.

According to sources close to the actor, some dare devils trailed him from a night club to his house around 2:30am this morning.

While that actor was about stepping out of his car to open the gate, the suspected robbers swooped in on him and dragged him back into his car.

They drove him to Fadeyi area of Lagos around 2:48am before dispossessing him of his belongings including his 2 iPhones, cash and expensive Lexus 470 SUV with plate # AGL 414 CU.

The attack has been reported to the police.

All effort to reach the actor failed as the dare devils has trashed his SIM cards.

We hope to hear more about this case by tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Fred Amata Robbed & Attacked By Armed Robbers Turned Kidnappers In Lagos, Actor Loses Lexus

  1. As long as diaris live, its gonna b well! Meanwhile doz criminals will surely meet dia loo someday!

  2. Most important is that he can narrate the story. Thank God for your life. Mehn! You aging so fast.

  3. Ijakumo kin rin losan, eni abire kin rin oru. With the situations and conditions in Nigeria, he should know better not to drive at that time. You brought this on yourself Fred. You ought to know better. In America I go to the store to buy banana if I want it at 2:00am but that is in America not Nigeria.
    People should be smart if they love themselves you should start clubbing with your family in your house and if you have to go out there stay there till morning time. Be sober be vigilant, for your adversaries the devil walketh about seeking whom he may devour.
    As for the robbers, their nakedness shall not be covered. They shall be exposed, disgraced and destroyed in the name of Jesus.

  4. They came to Lagos just to commit armed robbery.
    They keep getting on the buses to other regions to commit armed robbery.

  5. in as much as am not in support of the useless robbers that attacked him,what is he doing on the road at that early hour of the day when he knows the security situation of our country

  6. Thank God he is alive, and u too what were u doing out so late, he is lookg so old, hope all is well.

  7. Just thank God that you are alive to tell the story.
    Considering the account on ground, nothing stopped them from killing you then and right there after dispossessing you of your valueables. Its just GOD!

    I take a stroll…

  8. What is a reasonable human being be doing out so late in night club? Nonsense enjoyment that kills. Well sorry o for the loss of your belongings.

  9. How can the AGN president be driving at that ungodly hour in Nigeria without Security? i saw IniEdo with thick Muscle Uniform Security Men the last time we meant in Lagos,If Ini can afford security why not Fred that is the founding founder of Nollywood LET ALONE THE PRESIDENT. SHAME ! SHAME !! SHAME !!!

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