Funke Akindele Dumps Wedding Ring, Wears Only Black As She Mourns Babies[PHOTOS]

funke akindele dumps wedding ring

December 12, 2017 – Funke Akindele Dumps Wedding Ring, Wears Only Black As She Mourns Babies[PHOTOS]

Funke Akindele is finally getting over her sorrowful ordeal.

The actress who recently lost multiple babies has returned to the social space.

No one can dispute the fact that her recent outfits to corporate functions indicates that she is still mourning the loss of her babies, what is more concerning right now is that the actress seems to have finally dropped her wedding ring as she goes about town with her engagement ring.

Whether intentionally or for show, sources close to her are very worried that things may not be well in her much publicized wedding to singer JJC.

What most people noticed is that the actress seems to be coming out all alone these days with no trace of her loving husband.

She was last spotted at the Future Awards Africa 2017 with Rita Dominic, Debola Lagos and many others.

Check out her recent photos below…

funke akindele mourning

May God comfort her…

20 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Dumps Wedding Ring, Wears Only Black As She Mourns Babies[PHOTOS]

    • What curse? what is wrong with Africans? So, something cannot happen naturally? Everything is linked to spiritual undertone. We should grow up, because we are far behind the rest of humanity. SMH!

  1. may God comfort u, plz keep away from media for some time whenever u ar pregnant again. God ll perfect he’s blessings in ur life.

  2. Funke once you are pregant again stay away from from public and friends,till you deliver safely ,nameing, e.t.c b4 come out to say anything.dont wait too long,everything is new ,go for another IVF, it will work immedately and pray to God Almight.

  3. Our good Lord will comfort you. Please stay away from the media. It will be well with you and God will perfect all that concerns you.

  4. courage my role model, don’t feel all is gone ahand God is not sleeping de next will be double being 4 babies at once,the mighty hand of God is upon you

  5. I will always love you my screen diva…we your fans are always praying for you. Don’t give up. The lord is ur strength.

  6. So sorry dear, pls take heart. God is more than able to do it again for u! U are too precious to be forsaken by God, all u need right now is to hold onto Jesus like never before and all will be well. Pls stay away from d media for now ooooo u can never be loved by ‘ALL’

  7. the Lord is more than able, He will do it again my dear don’t loss hope. take care of yourself. God bless you real good.

  8. Ma,once u are pregnant, stay off from social media n frnds. I know dz tym God all perfect His work in ur life. So sorry

  9. Since the Lord is there for you….. My dear model…. Pls never loss hope everything will be okay soon…. He is a miracle working God and a covenant keeper….. Trust him this time

  10. hmm
    sister funke
    may God comfort u
    pls never u share anything dat is personal to u on media
    coz u don’t know who is who
    take it always from ur hr8t
    it is written
    don’t drop ur wedding ring but stick to it coz if u should leave d wedding
    people will start counting it for u..
    so my dear model
    hold unto God,ur parents, ad ur husband in prayer
    it is d lord doing
    ad it never to late for u
    age is nothing….
    wat matters is wat comes out of it

  11. hi funke u look more beautiful in ur look. All I will tell u is that take life as u see it God reigns and rules in our lives whether we like it or not. Do have a nice time.

  12. It is well with you, funke. God will finish what He has started because He has no abandoned project . Yes, it is not easy but you will overcome

  13. mourning dem cannot bring dem back Al u have 2 do is 2 plead 2 God 2 bless u with d ones dat will stay 4 u…so try again n live d rest 4 God…dis life is 2 short 2 b mourning 4 tins dat r no more…remember stress n exaggeration is not good 4 women TTC so be calm,pray n try again…love u my bestie actress

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