Funke Akindele Gives Birth To ‘Twins’, Babies Secretly Months Ago. Jenifa Now A Nursing Mother

funke akindele gives birth secretly

Nov 24, 2017 – Funke Akindele Delivers Her Babies Secretly In London, Miscarriage Rumour Made Up To Confuse Enemies – Insiders

Funke Akindele Bello Gives Birth To ‘Twins’ In London Secretly 3 Months Ago.. Jenifa Now A Nursing Mother – Family Source

After countless confusion from insiders and frenemies posing as insiders to sadden fans of Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, it has now been confirmed that the actress has indeed put to bed.

funke akindele gives birth london

Though the details of her birth is still sketchy, a source wrote NG yesterday that the actress has successfully delivered her babies in London.

The source who didn’t specify how many babies the comic star delivered also refused to confirm with us the exact time she delivered the bundle of joy (s).

Here is what the source wrote in an email:

“Please I want to clear the air on the rumour you people are spreading. My aunt didn’t miscarry, she delivered her babies successfully, please rejoice with her”.

Immediately we received the alert, we replied the source asking for details and evidence but the source is yet to respond to our inquiry as the the time of this report.

A school of thought is of the opinion that the actress or people close to her might have framed up the miscarriage rumour to further confuse the prophet who said the actress will never have her own child.

Her pregnancy became apparent on the 5th of January 2017 during her housewarming party. See the photo below

inside funke akindele mansion

The viral photos of Jenifa at Glo concert in August was taken after the birth of her baby(ies) so she wasn’t pregnant in the photos below…

funke akindele confirms pregnancy news

All we are seeing here is pure baby fat.

Also the photos taken on her birthday (August 24, 2017) was taken after she gave birth…

funke akindele pregnancy

With all of the above in mind, it seems Funke Akindele must have delivered her baby in Early August.

So if she delivered her babies in Early August, she must have been strong enough to return to work.

This explains why she just embarked on a new project with her team.

Check out her latest photos below…

We will keep this report as it is until Funke Akindele is bold enough confirm or deny she is a mother.

15 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Gives Birth To ‘Twins’, Babies Secretly Months Ago. Jenifa Now A Nursing Mother

    • She’s not being foolish. She’s protecting her kids( that’s if she has truly given birth). She has chosen not to show off and it shouldn’t be anyone’s biz.

    • Why should she? Must everyone put their lives on social media? So that people like you can mess things up! And calling her a fool? My sister, we both know who the fool is!

    • u are so****** for dat I pray for u to give birth at the of 40 an see he it feels u don’t know anything so zip up ur ******

  1. I don’t no y pipu will just liv der own problems and start saying anoda person own nawaa o,naa really wah.imaging calling her foolish.

  2. Nawaa for some people, see how una go just dey carry any person wahala dey put 4 una own head, wetin be una own business for dey.My dear sister congrats.

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