Funke Akindele Joins Divorced Nollywood Actresses List After Marriage Crash

funke akindele divorced

July 21, 2013 – Funke Akindele Joins Divorced Nollywood Actresses List After Marriage Crash

Days after her marriage crash, talented Jenifa star, Funke Akindele is back to square one.

Funke Akindele’s marriage problem started months after her glamorous wedding ceremony in Lagos to a polygamist, Kehinde Oloyede Almaroof.

As we speak, the actress has changed her maiden name back to Akindele on social media.

While her marriage crash, the actress has been spotted in several locations signing possible endorsement deals and working hard to achieve more success in her career.

The career woman has now joined the list of divorced actresses in Nollywood.

Below are few actresses on the growing divorce list in Nollywood

  • Eucharia Anunobi
  • Shan George
  • Kate Henshaw
  • Doris Simeon
  • Fathia Balogun
  • Monalisa Chinda
  • Chika Ike
  • Laide Bakare

20 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Joins Divorced Nollywood Actresses List After Marriage Crash

  1. Nollywood is fast becoming like Hollywood. This is what i predicted many years ago. We in Africa are very fond of imitating western life style. Next’ thing we’ll hear is drugs in Nollywood. How sad.

  2. As the only legal wife, has she filed for devorce or its just by mouth that she is no longer married..

  3. They are like pastors. They preach the ills of the society on cinema or television.But They are backing up those ills they preached against .


  5. Itz Sad but Funke can still brace up wt her 4 datz not d End Of Road 4 her.May God c her 2ru;Funke may contact me on my mail 4 More advice. Itz Well Wt her IJN.

  6. I tink dat its bcos d famous funke akindele known as jenifer is rich and so is d husband dey feel dey can av any crush on any girls and boys i tink d husband oyedele is covetous bt we cnt say yet maybe he is sumtin dats is nt within so because he is rich he can marry d whole of nigeria gals even d new miss nigeria i fink he need 2 be teached a lesson

  7. sorry funke, another home will soon be broken again,because another husband snatcher has been let loose again!!

  8. Why don’t u media houses leave this lady and let her be….. why is her name now all over the news?? na wa 4 una oooooooooo………its her choice, her decision and she lived her life and she only knows what went wrong…..abeg talk about sth else ……..

  9. Their marrages weren’t ordained by God that i know so let them wait for their appointed time. If they still rush, they ll fail again help me tell them now.

  10. this embarrassing to Nollyhood..they are meant to be public figures,ambassadors,mentors,pple that correct social ills and live examplary lives…but reverse is the case.If they cant sacrifice to marriage their humility,respect,responsility,religion and life after death and stay in means they are not responsible…i mean all of them.thats y they are not regarded with much respect as the likes of Olu Jacoba,RMD,Zacks Orji and many more that are still with their spouses.
    In the 1st place,why wld they marry if they are not prepared to subnit to the ethics of marriage and stay in there for better for worse
    am disappointed on all these divorcees.

    they shld give their lives to CHRIST,repent and know that marriage in christ is for life till death do them part.thats y you are expected to be sure b4 you go in and try to be patient,know what it takes to marry b4 u go in.
    OLD WOMEN THAT,THAT go round ,producing and raising single parents kids to the society,am not happy with this at all

  11. Funke you are very lucky you made this decision at this early stage when you are still young and flourishing, i wondered how a young and beautiful lady like you should marry someones husband with all the influence you have, well you still have all the opportunities every young girl has to still get married, because, one you did not give birth to any child, 2, in the sight of God you were not married because any other wife apart from the first wife is a fake, so just thank you star you made this early decision, in this early stage

  12. yea GOD want to save your soul from the right begin, it means that God did not want u to go to hell fire, bible say one man one wife let no one put asunder, my main balance there is that u re out of that marriage becos u re servant to d first wife, one is certain if a lady marry any man dat hv wife that second or third wife is a servant to d first wife becos dat kind marriage heaven do not accept it, unless devil, but thank GOD u re out of dat marriage, don’t make that mistake again tell all actress dat is divorcee. tell those dat marry one husband to go back to their husbands if they contiue and die hell fire straight. thanks

  13. In one’s life it is very important to chose your spouse carefully b4 getting married. I wonder why funke got married to someone she had differences with. Didn’t she see those differences while they were still dating?

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