Funke Akindele Sorry U Lost Your Babies, Please Keep Your Pregnancy Secret – Says US-Based Fan


funke akindele loses babies

Nov 27, 2017 – Funke Akindele Am Sorry You Lost Your Babies, Please Keep Your Pregnancy Secret – Says US-Based Fans

An open letter by US-based fan Onome to Nollywood actress Funke Akindele Bello.

Dear Funke,

May God comfort you. May God Almighty restore that which the enemy has stolen and may HE put a smile on your face. You will laugh like the way you make others to laugh by HIS grace and Power. You will give birth to your biological children by the grace of God!

I have been in this situation before. I lost a pregnancy at 24 weeks here in America. This was supposed to be a precious child after almost seven years that I had my first.The amniotic fluid surrounding the child dried up. Only God in heaven knows why. I do not have any underlying illness, I am a registered nurse/midwife and should know when there is anything abnormal with me when I am pregnant.

I believe that God allowed it for a reason which is best known to HIM alone. God blessed me again 6 months later and today, I have a handsome 21 months old son. When I became pregnant again, I did not tell any soul.

It was just between me and my husband not even my best friend and I was always praying, no negative thoughts and lest I forget,one doctor here in the States told me I had a miscarriage because I was bleeding and expelling some tissues but that was not true.

I had to go to the emergency when I noticed that the bleeding stopped 2 days later. I had another scan in the hospital and another doctor told me that the baby is there. I do not share my kids photograph on Facebook when they grow up, they can do that themselves.

My dear Funke, It will end in praise for you. Just continue to trust in God and not man, know who you confide in. If possible, do not post any photograph in Facebook or any other social media while pregnant.

If you have any awards, send a representative to get it. I know that as Christians, God Almighty protects us but Elizabeth the mother of John the baptist hid herself for 5 months while pregnant because she felt that she was old and people will laugh at her.

You are a mother by the grace of God and you will carry your children by HIS special grace, Amen!.

Relax, God is in control and HE has the final say over your life and all that concerns you.

I have been your fan since high school with your program: “I NEED TO KNOW”.