Funke Akindele Married Her God-Chosen Husband, JJC Skillz Secretly In London As Warned By Prophet

funke akindele secret wedding london

August 31, 2016 – Funke Akindele Married JJC Skillz Secretly In London As Warned By Prophet, JJC SKillz Is Her God Ordained Husband – Insider

A family friend of Funke Akindele talked to this afternoon confirmed with us that the actress was warned to avoid going public with her next wedding plan.

When asked if Funke Akindele’s family approve her controversial union with Rasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz, the insider said yes.

According to the source, when Funke was introduced to JJC , she told her mother who took it upon herself to seek the face of God concerning her daughter’s decision in order to prevent what happened in her first marriage.

To cut the long story short, Funke was given a go-ahead to marry the budding singer who came from a devout Muslim family.

However, the duo were warned to avoid loud wedding ceremony in order to prevent future attacks.

Funke tied the knot with JJC in the UK last week.

JJC is blessed with 3 children who are grown up and living happily in the UK.

13 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Married Her God-Chosen Husband, JJC Skillz Secretly In London As Warned By Prophet

  1. Who is dis family friend that decided to expose this kind of information. Anyway I hope d prophet said JJ is d bone of her bone, bcos honestly I don’t want her gettg out of dis marriage anytime soon. Wish u luck Funke.

  2. Funke i must be sincere with you, i am disappointed in you, you married a muslim, and a married man with children for that matter, are you that desperate?

  3. Only God knows the future husband and wife. Nobody knows whom he/she is going to end up with. Almighty is the only perfect matchmaker. There are some ladies out there who have quickly joined married group because of what people were saying about them but life is not like that. There are some young women who were being appreciated more after getting married. I have seen a situation where some single young men were fighting over a single mother of two asking her hand in marriage whereas there is another single girl who has never married but struggling to have a steady boyfriend or fiancée.

    Some young women have quickly enter marriage institute even if the partner is not their right choice then the question will then be, how didn’t I exercise a little patience so I can marry my real choice but it may be too late.

    My point is, it’s never too late to come across or make your right choice. People may be saying different things that age is not on your side but may be true to some extent but does that eagerness enables them to make a right choice. Let me marry and people will at least seeing me married. Are you happy in your relationship? If not, it will surely manifest in you even though you hide it from people. If for example you have been struggling to be successful in your life and it didn’t happen until you are at 55 after 55 you can have your own company or your own house, there is tendency you will live another 25 or 30 years why can’t you celebrate it and give thanks to God. It is never too late until you are 6 feets below. Let us make ourselves happy first. If you are happy trust me other things will follow such as longevity, happiness, good health. You will be attracted to some admires who may assume coming closer to you will make them an happy individual just as you are.

  4. Funke she is 40 ys woman marry to man with 3 kids, that is very gud, cos no mother in law with say no g.child, have peace of mind in this home, i pray God give her own child also to call mother with cute man, even is 1 father God.funke try hospital also for help,what to do and keep ur pregant out of familie that leak this story of pastor out about ur married and public,till u deliver safely.

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