Funke Akindele Urges Nigerians To Stop Using Fake British & American Accents

funke akindele nigerians fake british accents

Oct 18, 2016 – Funke Akindele Urges Nigerians To Stop Speaking With Fake British & American Accents

In a recent chat with Hip TV monitored by, Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele urged Nigerians to embrace their natural accent and stop trying to copy foreign accents.

The newly married actress said it is ridiculous for Nigerians who are not born in Britain or America to suddenly acquire the foreign accent.

The expectant mother who stressed the importance of being culture compliant noted that proper English can be spoken without using a foreign accent.

Her words:

12 thoughts on “Funke Akindele Urges Nigerians To Stop Using Fake British & American Accents

  1. Dear Funke… that’s sound like a jealous to me… depend on where you live, if you live and work with fellow Nigerians your accent will remain the same… but dear if you live and work with English ppl, babe your accent will change automatically trust me… it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, it will just happen…

  2. As much as i agree with you, but that is not only be the problem… emulating their lifestyle is the main issue, especially when one can not afford it.

  3. A bit of a dumb statement. If you relocate abroad and live there for years ,there is a big possibility that you accent will change. Especially if you left at an early age.

  4. Funke dear, please inform the public and media to be calling you Funke Bello. Life is spiritual, you have gone beyond your maiden name. So that you don’t go back to your father’s house. Just check it, all the marriages that are separated today, are women that has refused to bear their husband’s name.

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