Funke Akindele’s 1st Post-Divorce Red Carpet Photo

funke akindele divorce red carpet

August 4th, 2013 – Funke Akindele’s 1st Post-Divorce Red Carpet Picture

This is the first red carpet pic of Nollywood actress Funke Akindele since her messy separation from her husband, Mr Kenny Oloyede Almaroof.

The actress who said she went to hell and back in her marriage of one year was spotted at the red carpet of Miss Global Nigeria 2013 pageant contest few days ago.

It’s very obvious she’s going through some rough times.

Big girls don’t cry… Jenifa hang in there and remember to take your time to do it right.

We all make mistakes.

7 thoughts on “Funke Akindele’s 1st Post-Divorce Red Carpet Photo

  1. Divorce is nt of God,it is very difficult 2 4get what he(husband) has done,if he is d guilty 1,but remember Funke God send his only son 2 die 4 us,dis was made possible by 4giveness.Pls Funke I don’t want u 2 b among d group of divorces in d industry.

  2. For the fact that they did wedding does not mean he is the husband, A woman that marry a married man has married someone’s husband. So there is no sin in letting go of the man . So let her find her own husband God is preserving for her If she marry somebody that God gave her if the man did offend her she cannot divorce, because God did not support that .

  3. Enough of this Funke issue,she has choosen a part that she want, what ever is not urs will never last,

  4. My dear put urself 2geda and hope 4 gud, though it’z nt eazy bt u jst av 2 go on wid ur life. Mayb he’z nt d right man 4 u coz wat is urs will neva pass u! Keep in touch!

  5. Lolz…. She is a married woman even if it is one day. Anyone who marry you commit adultery. Bam. If you marry another person you also commit adultery. Bam. So therefore reconcile. You have choose for yourself not God choose that for you. God time is the best.

    • Funke u r so stupid dat served u right dont u see is another woman hubby infact dey surpose beat u cos if u try it with me i will make sure i finished u b4 u going ole barawo.look for a starter like u to marry all wat u actress know is a man with money and names take a look at ur wedding d money u shuld used to do better things for urself and family u used it to marry someone else hubby fool.

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