Funsho Adeolu: “Nollywood Yoruba Movies Make More Sense; Igbo Movie Producers Are Unprofessional”

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Jan 18, 2013 – Funsho Adeolu: “Nollywood Yoruba Movies Make More Sense; Igbo Filmmakers Are Unprofessional”

Popular Yoruba actor, Funsho Adeolu has stated that Yoruba filmmakers are far better than their Igbo counterparts, noting that the Igbos still have a long way to go in the movie industry.

In an interview with NET, the 45-year-old actor-cum-director who had always wanted to be a lawyer, but veered into acting after failing JAMB four times, said “I like to be in the midst of people that are professionals…when I was in English [movies], I never worked with anybody apart from Tunji Bamishigbin, Jimi Odumosu, Tade Ogidan, and the likes. During that period, I got offers from others but I always declined because they were not professionals.

Theirs (Igbo filmmakers) is usually a case of somebody who started as a production assistant and in a year, claims to be a director. I had a standard and used to refuse their offers.”

The actor who has starred in popular soap operas such as: Palace, Super Story and Family Ties, disclosed that, “There is no big money in Yoruba movies but I have realized that they are after knowledge, even though they are not as read as the English people.” Unlike the English movie sector where there is a lot of “fights and beefs.”

Adeolu disclosed that there is oneness in the Yoruba movie industry. He said, “The Yoruba setting has a system that is informal, but well-coordinated and educational for me that makes me more comfortable and at home.”

Speaking further, the Ondo-born filmmaker noted that the Igbo movie industry is far behind the Yorubas in terms of quality.

His words: “In their case, (Igbo movie makers), often times, their marketer is also the producer and director. I’m not saying it is professional, but it can be done, and well, too. Mel Gibson is a director, producer, actor and that is what we are looking at, but that does not mean everyone should do that. They feel it is a normal process for an actor to grow to become a producer and director, but it is not so.”

He noted that there was improvement in the industry unlike before when a producer would produce a film within few days.

He voiced his conviction thus, “It used to be worse, there was a time movies were shot in four or five days, but right now it is improving, and people are getting things right. Some even go abroad to learn about the technicalities involved (in filmmaking).

I must say here that it was not this bad at the beginning, but some nonentities came in and made a mess of the system”
He disputed the claim that Yoruba actors can not speak good English, saying,

“If a Yoruba actor doesn’t try to show him or herself in any English speaking movie or soap opera, nobody will know they can speak English, but we have more read people in the Yoruba movie industry more than English.”

Defending why Yoruba actors are not well known overseas like their counterparts, Adeolu said “Yoruba actors and producers travel more often than the English, but they do it for relaxation and enjoyment.”

The actor who got married eight years ago, expressed his joy at the level of improvement in the motion picture industry globally known as Nollywood.

“Let me mention that not all Igbo movie producers are making their mark; only a few of them do movies with good quality, the likes of Amaka Igwe, Emem Isong, Jeta Amata, Desmond Elliot. They are in a clique and are doing professional things, which are different from the regular Igbo movies,” he added.

[Courtesy: NET, DailyPost]

21 thoughts on “Funsho Adeolu: “Nollywood Yoruba Movies Make More Sense; Igbo Movie Producers Are Unprofessional”

  1. What he is saying is quite true and apart from the professionalism,yoruba films has a positive impact on the viewers in term of what is happening in the real world unlike the english which is most times full of rubbish.

  2. yoruba film can not compare with igbo film because there film have any where to go. when people are saying that yoruba actors and acctress can not speak a ggod in english that is right. imaging funsho went for jamb examination 4 times and fail that means he has a block hand. in this case there no funsho will put to english film while he illtrate is better then him. he can’t make a good english or defend himself in film as igbo actors actress are stand boldly in time of acting. this is envy, jealious

    • O boy u that is saying someone is an illitrate,did you take time to go through your comments? Not only are they full grammatically errors but the tense are very appalling. This is a typical of a pot calling kettle black.

  3. Balogun you really need to take a second look at the sentences you wrote, while being critic of other. You can’t even write a complete sentence without making these errorneous gramatical blunders. Kettle wey dey call pot black. You claimed “Funsho went for jamb examination 4 times and fail that means he has a block hand.” Look at the sentence and point out your blunder; this is just one sentence out of the paragraph that is full of fragments, lack of past tense and participle etc. Are you sure you complete primary school?

  4. Balogun go and read History and know how many times Wole shoyinka fails Eng in WAEC . dat does not make him a failure and go and check Abraham lincon History.

  5. the challengers i was very fast in writing that’s what brought some erro in my sentense so do not be so fast to your understanding towards my sentence. think about my comment.

    • As far as i am concerned,you have not said anything because i cannot decipher whatever message you are passing across even this your second comment is an apology to english language.

  6. Dis is always our problem instead of thinking how to make our industry grow, we are busy dividing it
    yoruba, ibo, or English is not the same nollywood??

  7. Mr Balogun pks go back and read his biography,he is a university graduate.Moreover writing JAMB more than 2 times dkes not make u dumb.It depends on what u want for your self in life.Moreover your cjomment shows that you are shallow minded.Please get informed.

  8. Jane or what ever u called urself, look at u,is it becos u manage in put dis sentence is’it y u can’t let people to rise? pls let everyone hear word 4 u miss English y can’t u go nd repersent Nigeria madam pls go nd sleep when people are talking u dis rat dat did not sopurse to come ou nd talk u do, is like u like showing urself abi?

  9. Funsho williams u r a disgrace wat do u knw abt professionalism pls keep shut if u dnt have anytin to say.I am disappointed in u had so much regrds 4 u

  10. Funsho,am so disappointed in the interview you granted.It is like kettle calling pot black.In the yoruba genre almost every actor and actress is a potential film producer.Also,there is no professionalism in the sense that the actor or actress has to beg his or her colleague to feature in the film for free or trade by barter.Where is the professionalism?The subtitling full of grammartical errors.I do agree with you that some films are teach about life but not all.Even most Yoruba actors and actresses do not follow what they preach in their movies,they are after money.Am not saying you cannot find such in the English movies but not as rampant as the yoruba movies.Nollywood english made Nigerian movies what it is now.Yoriba films have been existing before the Englih ones,but who knows or watches outside Yoruba speaking people in Nigeria and outside the country.You need to look for MR&MRS,watch it and learn some lessons.Funsho,what I notice from alot of Yoruba actors and actresses is just plain old envy,not all of you.As a Nigerian I would like Yoruba and Englsih nollywood to please come together,remove sentiments.I also want English and Yoruba to produce more films together.This enthnicity is killing me.How do we move forward as Nigerians.The same thing is affecting us in the various countries we find ourselves.Lets be like Indians and Chinese in diaspora.Funsho I used to like you but you have sunk to low because of your lack of neutrality.

  11. Funsho, Nollywoood in general lacks professionalism as you’ve just confirmed in your interview. The fact that there is division and no unity in the industry is in itself, childish, unprofessional and depicts indiscipline just like everything Nigeriam, football, governance etc. Have you ever had about a divided Hollywood or Bollywood.

    We need to taste our words before spitting them out; in layman’s terms “mesionu” and I am a Yorubaman. There can’t be professionalism in tribalism. It’s the height of indiscipline. Yoruba artistes need to polish their pronounciation just as the Igbos artistes can emulate finesse from the up-coming Ghanaians who learnt from Nigerians but are doing better and are more acceptable in the Western world because of their discipline, finesse and attention to details.

  12. Tribal identity, preconceive bias,corruption, looting of national treasures, and favoritism have kill Nigeria. Here in the US when my American friends and I watched Nigerian movie, we don’t have time to deliberate who is the director or where the actors and actresses from. We watch movie Nigerian period, and most are educating and sometimes life teaching lesson and above all— Nigerian culture and tradition. All this tribal wars and division leads to anarchy, backwardness and mistrust.

  13. Oga Funsho should i say u r jealous? Or r u trying to advertise yoruba muvies? Well its gud if u r doin dat bt pls dnt kil odas in order to archive your goals remember we r in a competitive world so do ur tin d way u like nd stop pushing odas 2 d wal nd bro pls its hy tym u learn hw to respond to interview expecialy those ones on air else u wil end up ur luzin fans nd u knw wat dat means

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