Gambian Actress Princess Shyngle Denies Waist Trainer & Corset Damaged Her Kidney


Princess Shyngle kidney infection

March 14, 2016 – Gambian Actress Princess Shyngle Says Addiction To Waist Trainer & Corset Not The Cause Of Kidney Damage

Actress Princess Shyngle popularly called Gambian Barbie for her curvaceous figure has debunked the report that her addiction to waist trainer caused her kidney infection.

This is what the actress said in a recent Instagram post.

“On a normal day I would just ignore everything people are saying bout my illness , but I decided not to because of two reasons

1: to make it very clear to everyone that waist training had absolutely nothing to do with me having a kidney infection and

2: to educate women out there about kidney infection, the causes and how to prevent it so it don’t happen to any1 because it can be deadly.  Kidney infections typically occurs when bacteria enters your urinary tract through the tube that carries urine from your body ( urethra ) and begins to multiply. Causes of a kidney infection ( I. By not urinating and keeping urine , 2.urinating in public toilets.

3. Urinating in the streets. 4. Wearing dirty panties etc) . These can be prevented , when u wash ur panties always put them out in the sun to dry, never sit in public toilets to urinate always squat, and when ever u feel like urinating just go do it, don’t keep it in your system.

Symptoms are 1. Unable to breath, 2. Back pains, 3. Abdominal pains , 3. Swollen bladder and legs,

4. Red eyes, 5. Headaches etc. Untreated kidney infection can lead to kidney disease which can permanently lead to kidney damage and eventually death. I hope I’ve helped someone today. God bless each and everyone that genuinely got worried about me, prayed for me.”

It is unknown if she has been released from the hospital.