Gbenga Daniel’s N70 Million Rolls Royce Phantom Photos: Which Company Bought Ex-Ogun Governor A $450,000 Luxury Car???

gbenga daniel 70 million rolls royce phanthom

April 22, 2016 – Gbenga Daniel’s N70 Million Rolls Royce Phantom Pictures: Which Company Bought Ex-Ogun Governor A $450,000 Luxury Car???

Nigerian politicians never cease to amaze us.

Former Ogun state governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel celebrated his 60th birthday at a top class hotel in Victoria Island on Sunday the 10th of April 2016.

He was later presented with a N70million Rolls Royce Phantom as a birthday gift.

When asked how he got the gift, the controversial politician simply said his company bought it for him.

ogd rolls royce phantom

It will interest you to know that most Nigerians on the social media will love to know the company or political party that bought such expensive ride for him.

24 thoughts on “Gbenga Daniel’s N70 Million Rolls Royce Phantom Photos: Which Company Bought Ex-Ogun Governor A $450,000 Luxury Car???

  1. When cars cost this much, I tend to imagin what justifies it.

    1) Would the headlanps, for instance, show the driver the future if he’s driving on a night?
    2) Is there a white button that you could press and the car would just wash itself?
    3) Does the car use air as fuel, or repair itself when broken down?
    4) Does the car float on air when the driver comes to a bad road?
    5) And most-importantly, would the car disappear when it is about to get involved in an accident?

    If not, then it is a sin of hedonism to acquire this type of vehicle with the present state of affairs in Nigeria. I wouldn’t have bothered myself if it was a musician, or a mere business man that acquired this. But since this has to do with a politician, I am almost certain that we, the poor masses, had been robbed in some way to present him with this gift. Diaris God o!

  2. what a question? why asking a whole GD such silly question? he has a several investment everywhere both home and abroad, that question is for little boy not for gbenga Daniel pls.

    • Were did he get the money he invested on those business is it not our money ?may be you are his brother EFCC is on the way.

  3. At age 60, he is already using walking can. You will think that a former governor of a state in Nigeria at this time will be celebrating his 60th birthday by giving scholarships to the children of the poor, visiting or donating money and materials to orphanage homes across Ogun state or giving motivational speeches to our young ones on how to become a successful politicians, teachers, lawyers and business gurus. But at 60, Gov. Gbenga Daniel is still showing off a N70 millions car from his past loots while millions of our people are struggling daily due to their looting, corruption, and bad governance of over 35 years. Are these really pathrotic citizens worthy of our votes? The answer is capital”No”.We have to starting voting for people who truly care about the people and our collective interests. Mr. Gbenga Daniel is one of those that benefited from misappropriation, looting, mismanagement, and corruption of many years that set Nigeria and many states backward.

  4. Everything cannot be Dasuki-gate. @ Wale.
    We are talking about a former Gov. in Nigeria. The other day, I read on the net how singer Duncan Mighty bought a car worth N51M. Wiskid N50M. Let me just stop at that.

    I take a stroll…

  5. Lie lie man. He bought the car for himself as his birthday gift. No company can buy him that just for gift.

  6. The money he stole while in govt hasn’t finish. Keep spending oga remember some people don’t have food to eat

  7. The car fine o! But where will it be driven to when the roads are either too rough or too narrow? Just wondering sha o o!

  8. Pls let all Youth stand for their Right, if we don’t make a sacrifice today then our Children wil surfer dis same faith.I weep for this nation

  9. How could you sell such big lie to Nigerians. Only a fool will buy that crap from you. Your company indeed bought that for you!!. Everybody knows that you bought that car out of the money you stole from Ogun State people. I’m really bitter with you for showing off to your people to come and see what you bought with their money. That is not fair, you could have done this secretly.

  10. Oh boy,make ona leave gbenga daniel,work hard nd send ur money on wat gives u joy.gbenga abeg enjoy ur double R..

  11. Nigerian youth don’t seem 2 know their rite,y will u,discus ppl who spend our money uselessly, 70m,y some ppl hv nt even eating food,a time will come nobody will come out and vote again, we are fedup with dis their useless politics of enriching dem self,y d masses suffer

  12. Ex Governor Gbenga Daniels is a successful businessman cum politician (ritual).What he shows off is typical of crazy politicians right from first republic. We want people who are patriotic, having the interest of the masses at heart, and ready to move Nigeria forward in all its ramifications, in politics. At 60, Gbenga Daniels is like the money lost musicians, corrupt politicians, blind military personnel, and the yahoo plus boys. Thanks

  13. Well I’m not saying what he did is wrong or right but that man owns the first lift company in the whole west Africa way before going into politics. I can only blame him for going into politics in Nigeria.

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