More Photos From Clarion Chukwurah & Anthony Boyd’s Wedding

clarion chukwurah wedding photos

April 22, 2016 – More Pictures From Clarion Chukwurah Anthony Boyd’s Wedding

51-year-old Clarion Chukwurah got married to her heart rob, Anthony Boyd in Georgia yesterday.

Anthony & Clarion were full of smiles as they exchanged marital vows.

See more photos from the private wedding solemnization below

At 51, Clarion Chukwurah is still looking sexy…Some of her younger colleagues can’t even beat her.

Congrats to her.

18 thoughts on “More Photos From Clarion Chukwurah & Anthony Boyd’s Wedding

  1. Who is the senior amongs the bride and the groom? i am afraid the woman is older.Any way congrats to both of them.

  2. Woman you no dry time? how many husband you won marry? tomorrow again you will tell us that you want to marry another man because the marriage has packed up due to irreconcilable differences. Na wa for you oooooo. I beg leave road for your children.

  3. No congrats oo,this woman keeps getting married all the time
    Am tired of ur marriage gist,how many husbands are u going to marry before Jesus comes? Mchewwwwww!!!

  4. This woman seems to be irresponsible. she is not even ashamed of herself. How many husbands will you marry in your life time? Anyway just pray this one will not dupe you or even harm you bcos he seems not real.


  6. Is for the green card, who believe this is for true love mush have his or her heard examine,that man no matter what is just doing his business.Give me one reason why he will marry her,is it beauty of for children or age

  7. Woman you no dey tire? how many times you won marry? tomorrow nao ypu go tell us say this your marriage don pack up again for your irreconcilable differences. I beg leave road for your children.Where you hide Sir Shina Peter? Yeye dey smell for your bodi.

  8. Abegi,okpo,old stinking pushy,,prostitute, see as she dress like okpo.ubneva Sabi anytin.Nawa,American way like rotor die,he go knack your slack p****y throway.***** woman,okpo.
    See the low life you go marry bekos of green card.Nawa o.
    Shameless old *****.abegi.
    Disgusting dress like a *****

  9. Congratulations. Ms Chukwurah is older than 51, though. She is older than me and I am almost 53. I wish them both blissful married life.

  10. it is doubtful if anyone would ever like to answer a divorcee or whatever you call it. But let us not be judges in situations we have never been into. we do not know the circumstances. In most cases, couples do agree to divorce if they feel their union is not working out fine. my people, please, do you not agree with me that instead of managing a situation that may sniff life out of you, you had better agree to separate peacefully, and life continue. Am sure we all are living witnesses to serial court cases involving most times husbands murdering their wives and the other way round. These cases come up as a result of people continuing to manage what they can not. Consult widely, you will discover that among the only 2 background which can initiate divorce is ‘WHEN THE MARRIAGE HAS BECOME VIOLENT” under this situation, somebody’s life may go. So, do not always feel that divorced person is an immoral person, even though the second condition which divorce can be initiated is if “INFIDELITY” has occurred. lets take a little time now and think of what is happening in our own homes, or think of how we would want our own homes to be. …. i submit.

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