GEJ, Jonathan Calls APC’s Buhari, Congratulates Tinubu, Nigeria’s President Accepts Defeat

jonathan calls buhari defeat

March 31, 2015 – GEJ, Jonathan Phones APC’s Buhari, Congratulates Tinubu, Nigerian President Accepts Defeat

It is official, our able baba on top, Mama Peace’s dear husband, the incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has conceded defeat.

Our reporters in Abuja just told us that President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan has officially called Buhari and Tinubu to congratulate them for the imminent victory.

According to sources in Abuja, GEJ just finished speaking with Buhari on the phone. He reportedly congratulated him on his victory.

He is set to address the nation after rounding off his meeting with his cabinet this evening. also learnt that President Jonathan also called APC leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to congratulate him.

The current result is 14,951,378 for Buhari and 12,827,522 for Jonathan.

Everyone is a winner in a democratic setting.

Hope they will all work together for a common goal and bring Nigeria to a better place.

Congrats to General Muhammadu Buhari.

8 thoughts on “GEJ, Jonathan Calls APC’s Buhari, Congratulates Tinubu, Nigeria’s President Accepts Defeat

  1. it is very thoughtful of him to put his guards down and accept defeat inspite of the hard tussle
    I hope this legacy will come to stay in our democracy, when the people decides, there should be no fight or hard feelings,
    And for buhari, the BALL is now on your court pls fulfill all your promise
    to nigerians

  2. Kemmy forget about jamoon definition for now what we have seen in GEJ is a man heading for history. The best of the best of African Presidents who took it in the spirit sportsmanship .for him it was not a die hard fight. He had the people in mind but time is a story teller.

    Dear GEJ
    Your Goodluck continues and shines on. I also opted for the change for the overall best of Naijas.
    You are a Nationalist.

    I congratulate you for the spirit of Naijas have endorsed for higher positions.


  3. Yesoooh Ovo. GEJ did a wonderful job to accept his defeat. I have prayed over this for a very long time. My spirit revealed he will stand down. I told a colleague in Jan for GEJ as a christian no need to go bow down for all these non christians instead he has to pray for God and if he lost let him accept and leave. Even yesterday I told my sister if he lost let him just leave and the world will respect his wish. I went on by saying if he lost then rig and insist to rule he will be killed and that is not good for his children and wife.

    Well thank God and let’s pray Buhari govt give him a position even ambassador post or cultural attache or foreign affairs and they work together for a better Nigeria. Nigeria moving forward with democracy.

    My prayer is for security arm robbers and kidnappers to be wipe out. My children never wanted to come back to Nigeria but they will will from now.

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