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Dealing With Marriage Proposal Rejection: What To Do If You Propose & She Says No

how to handle marriage proposal rejection

How To Handle Marriage Proposal Rejection: What To Do If Your Girlfriend Rejected Your Marriage Proposal.     

Marriage is beautiful, a wonderful union shared by two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives loving each other. Provided you find the right person, marriage can be blissful interesting and make you never want to leave. Most women desire to experience this as soon as they are old enough and have suitable men in their lives.

Just as the saying goes, “different folks, different strokes”, so does it apply in marriage. A lot of young women are out there crying and waiting for someone to come put a ring on their finger, some on the other hand are running away from the said ring.

We hardly have cases where a woman turns down a marriage proposal but it does happen. This can be quite traumatic and embarrassing for the guy especially if he went out all public.

To make sure this does not happen here are some tips to enable a girl say yes to your proposal:

Make Your True Intentions Known: You should do this from the onset. The moment you start dating a girl make it known to her that you are in for as long as the relationship can last. That you want to take her serious. This way, she will not be surprised when you propose to her because she already knows it was in the works. Do not just show her with words, back it up with actions.

Show Her Love and Attention: Women always know when a man is truly in love with them. If she feels the same way about you, there is no way she is not saying yes to your proposal. Make her feel like she is the only girl in the world, and definitely the only one you want to make your wife.

Find Out Her Type: You should already know the sort of lady you are dating. Is she loud or reserved? Does she like attention or is she the cool, shy type? We have seen cases where ladies turned down a proposal because it was made public and she cannot deal with the whole attention and camera. So if she does not like attention, please propose to her alone or in a very quiet and private place.

Make it a Surprise: Women love elements of surprises. Be sure to propose in a very beautiful and intriguing. You can make it on a memorable day, like her birthday or yours or the day you both started dating. You can almost not go wrong.

Despite all these, there is still no guarantee that she is going to say yes to you. She may still turn down your proposal. Do not be too hard on yourself when this happens. Realise that the fact that you are ready does not mean she is.

If You Propose And She Says No, Is The Relationship Over?

my marriage proposal was rejected

So here are some ways to deal with a marriage proposal rejection:

Acknowledge Her Feelings: We are all humans and are entitled to our individual feelings and emotions. Sincerely acknowledge her feelings and do not hate her for it. Just because you are ready and proposed does not mean she is or must be.

Find Out Her Reasons: It is very important for you to find out why you were turned down. What are her reasons? Is it just because she is not ready or are there other things that you need to work on as an individual?

It is possible that you have some behaviours that she is not quite comfortable with hence the rejection. Do your best to find out. It could be you really need to work on them.

Do not Let it Affect Your Confidence or Self Worth: Yes, both are bound to plummet (they would plummet even more if it was a public proposal) but do not allow it stay that way for long. Pick yourself up and get back in the race. Just because she turned you down does not mean there are not scores of other ladies out there craving and dying for your attention.

Do not Hate Her: Absolutely not. As I said earlier, you need to find out why she turned you down. There is no way someone you have been dating for quite sometime and who ought to be excited at the prospect of a life time with you will turn down your proposal. Something must be amiss.

So instead of hating her, acknowledge her  decision and do not push or coerce her to change her mind. Just make sure that whatever her reasons are for rejecting you are not your shortcomings.

You May Have to Leave the Relationship: Unless of course you wish to stay and try to get things right with yourself and the entire relationship, you may have to call it quits. This is because it is obvious you both want different things (at the moment anyways).

While you are already looking at the future and trying to legalise your relationship, she is not on the same page with you. Explain to her that you want more out of the relationship and is ready to settle down.

If she asks for a little time to sort some issues and you are willing to give it to her, that is fine. But if you feel that it is not going to work out completely, then it may be time to leave the scene.

Do not Despair: Probably you both were not meant to be or work out. So do not beat yourself up about it. Take it in good faith and believe that someone better is coming your way. Do not feel the chances of your getting married are over. On the contrary, this may be opening you to new opportunities.

Do not dwell on the number of years, time and effort spent on her. Remember that time has a way of healing and changing everything.

Be with Yourself: By this I mean giving yourself time. Spend time with your friends and have fun. Do not let it dampen your mood. Give yourself time to recuperate and do not dwell too much on it if not, you will be stuck in the past and will keep going round and round.

Focus on Your Career: Now that you tried settling down and hit a brick wall, you should channel that energy into something. What better than your career. At least if one thing did not work out, the other is bound to work out right?

You should focus on establishing a solid career, making more money and generally getting more comfortable. Use it as a sort of distraction to keep your mind busy and meaningfully engaged. Constant brooding can cost you a lot of precious time that could have been channeled into more productive ventures.

Leave the Dating Game: Only for some time though. Do not be in a hurry to resume dating just yet. Do not try to get back at her by jumping into a new relationship. Chances are that you will be the one who gets hurt and will jump out faster than you jumped in.

So give yourself all the time you need to be emotionally stable once again. This time around, do your calculations right. Be sure you both are on the same page before asking her to marry you.

For instance, talk about marriage and watch her reactions closely. Does she seem excited, uninterested or fidgety? Drop subtle hints about spending forever together and pick up the hints she drops too. This will enable you to know if she is thinking what you are thinking or if you are a lone ranger.

Spread Your Tentacles: Just because this did not work out is no reason to sink into your cocoon. While you may not start dating right away, it does not mean you should not hang out with your female friends and colleagues. Just keep an open mind and outlook.

If your girlfriend rejected your marriage proposal, note that you are not alone. It has happened to others and is bound to happen to those who have not experienced it. It is just the way life is. Be encouraged!. It is not the end of the world.

marriage proposal rejection fail stories videos

Here are some not so funny marriage proposal rejection videos.

Marriage Proposal Rejection &  Failure Stories ,Videos

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