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Ghana Prevents Nigerians From Selling Generator

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Ghana Prevents Nigerians From Selling Generator

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May 21st, 2012 – Ghana Prevents Nigerians From Selling Generator

The President of the Academy for Entrepreneurial Studies (AES), Dr. Ausbeth Ajagu, has advocated the need for the Federal Government to stop the importation of generating sets into the country, in a bid to address the epileptic power situation in the country.

Ajagu, who spoke weekend, at a press conference, said Nigeria should emulate Ghana that barred foreigners from selling generators in order to avoid sabotage of its stable power supply.

“I was in Ghana recently and I spoke with the President. He told me that Nigerians have been prevented from coming into Ghana to sell generating sets because the moment they do that, Nigerians will sabotage the country’s electricity company and it will go up like Nigeria,” he said, adding that the President said it never occurred to him that Nigerians or anybody would ever contemplate coming to Ghana for such business.

He said: “What do you expect from somebody who imports over N50 billion worth of diesel every quarter to do? What do you expect from somebody who imports generator set in large quantity? Sabotage of course.

“If Nigeria’s electricity company works well, they will sell; we should look at each other and say, let us stop the importation of generating sets. That is the way to go, we are not for or against the proposed price hike, we are interested in enabling environment.

“If we can get constant electricity supply, whatever the price people will pay, this is because if they consider the inconveniences of financing their generating set, they are left with no option.”

He advised the Federal Government to hands off the issue of power, saying “government does not have any business with power, all they need to do is create all the necessary enabling environment.”

Speaking on the Academy’s National conference scheduled for May 22, holding at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, with theme: “Strong systems: Necessity for building a virile nation,” he said: “Our thought in AES is that the critical mix of strong institutions and system, forms the bedrock to the building of a virile and egalitarian society. This guarantees the confidence of the citizens in the now and hope for future generation because of the entrenchment of the rule of law, value for human life and global best practices or acceptable behaviour by all persons in all facets of society.”

Accordingly, he noted that communiqué from the conference would be forwarded to government in form of conference report for consideration and adoption.

“We took time to select participants of this conference, a situation where for the first time we have three past heads of state, and incumbent governors to discuss a topic on the way forward, it has never happened and it is deliberate, having the likes of Obasanjo, Gowon and others is a game plan for us to achieve our vision 2020,” he added.

However, former Nigerian leaders, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Gen Yakubu Gowon, Chief Ernest Shonekan are among guests expected to grace the Academy’s 4th national.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. anonymous

    May 21, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    if the federal govt. could read and implement this, Nigeria would be a better place but for greedy politicians who take this as their biz, what can the poor masses do? God help Nigeria!!!

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