Ghanaian Prostitute Efia Odo Under Fire For Posing Bra-less With Policemen

efia odo prostitute

August 21 – Braless Efia Odo Under Fire For Posing With Ghanaian Policemen Dressed As Prostitute

Controversial model cum actress Efia Odo has come under fire for allegedly posing with two policemen without bra.

The alleged prostitute who declared herself ‘no bra’ lady in several interviews, confirmed her comment with her latest photo with the Ghanaian police officers.

While she was questioned by some fans for trying to seduce the policemen, Efia Odo seems totally unperturbed with no reply.

This is the height of indecency.

15 thoughts on “Ghanaian Prostitute Efia Odo Under Fire For Posing Bra-less With Policemen

  1. she don seduce them alread,cant u see as confused the police men look especially the one inside the car.mehn this prostitute pretty pass some virgins in nigeria,and her breast is still pointed,onlike fried-egg breast we the see for naija.

  2. Mchew, arrant nonsense. Sooner or later her fingers kept on the lap of the officer will work wonder. Yeyenatu!

  3. The office’s third leg is on fire by his facial expressions,can someone remove that hand on his lap.

    Naijajists can be funny too,the headline sounds as if you guys are the ones calling her

  4. I CAN TELL us that the guy in the car is being mesmerized there, with the girl’s hand resting on his thigh. If called to answer today, he may not remember whether it was a monkey or a man that took this photograph of them.

    BUT I AM suprised at how the discussion is rather focused on bra as though bra is a big gown that covers everything. If she had used bra together with that handkerchief that is presently covering her breast, the outcome would have still been as indecent as it already is.

  5. Dis is how 9ja babes breast suppose stand and pointing but our 9ja babes breast be like Wetin dem use pressing iron take press down with starch. As for me oo, I don’t mind being into those police men’s shoe to taste that ping pong she has on her chest. LOL. Na change oooo we dae.

  6. Na wa for u o @Buzu and Dhaka, anyway she is not looking bad.
    Why are those police officers looking like mumu, I am sure they are not on this planet again.

  7. See her nipples shape,but why must this animal display their selves indecency, where is their sense abeg

  8. Why would the officers be fired? Were they doing anything inappropriate? It is the woman’s problem if she chooses to dress in a provocative manner. She covered all essential parts, so I don’t condemn her (though I won’t dress or allow my children to dress that way). You need to see what women wear in a place like New York city in the summer and then you will know that this is by far better. How do you know she is a prostitute, by the way? Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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