Goldie Harvey’s Husband Blasts Prezzo “You’ve Caused Enough Hurt & Pain”

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Feb 15, 2013 – Goldie Harvey’s Husband Blasts Prezzo “You’ve Caused Enough Hurt & Pain”

The secret husband of late Nigerian artist Goldie Harvey, Andrew who made himself known today is now on Prezzo’s case a day after the sudden death of his Naija queen.

In response to an article about former BBA star Prezzo’s plan to visit Lagos to view Goldie’s last video, here is what Goldie Harvey’s husband said:

Prezzo, please leave our family to grieve in peace. You have caused enough hurt and pain

Prezzo is yet to reply to any of the above allegations.

We learnt he was the main cause of the relationship problem Goldie had with her secret husband.

During the course of her stardom, she has never revealed the man in her life.

Goldie and Andrew tied the knot back in 2006 in Nigeria before she rose to fame. Late Goldie Harvey even claimed she’s single in several interviews. Na wa o.

The smart chick used the bobo to get paper for UK and move back to Nigeria to establish her career.  The couple never had any issue together but unknown to many, Goldie already had a child in Nigeria.

Goldie Harvey‘s husband is currently based in Malaysia.

See more photos of now late Goldie Harvey and her husband below

May her soul rest in peace !

33 thoughts on “Goldie Harvey’s Husband Blasts Prezzo “You’ve Caused Enough Hurt & Pain”

  1. Goldie was a disappoinment. How could she be playing such game? Toying with people’s heart and emotion. Well, let me not be too judgemental here. God has the final say.

  2. what a great confusion..Goldie why ? Just bcos of fame you denial your weded husband . May God forgives you and grant you eternal life. R.I.P

    • I don’t think de guy broke anybody’s home… Possibly our Golden Queen didn’t tell de poor guy she was even married!

  3. Enhheeee! Is dis how life is? Too too bad if were to be what it is. How could u Goldie do dis at d 1st instance? Well, God wil judge u as he has d final judgment but truly its shameful to hear dis.

  4. Husband, so it is now that your wife is late that you now appreciate her? Why didnt you come out with all these photos since to appreciate her?

    Let us learn to appreciate ourselves while we live

  5. there’s time and season for every thing on earth,heaven or earth beneath.fame,weath, money all is vanity upon vanity.let those of us that are alive be wise….

  6. Jesus! Yeiiii can’t believe Goldie! Can do such. My feelns abt her death jst changed,hw can she b dis complicated Goldie! Anyway na medicine afta death b dis one nah,wishn her eternal rest though.

  7. What else don’t we know, The husband should not have left the wife to go to BBA. Prezzo was sincere and all the visits he made to Lagos was on internet. He never hide anything and had an interview a day before that he was headed to Lagos to meet Goldie for Valentine. Prezzo is desent and could have kept off if he knew. He dosn’t like hurt people and that is why he came to appologise after BBA.

    • Finally someone speaks sense. Its funny how nobody appreciates the good hearted. Prezzo was sincere all along and if there’s one thing he truly deserves is to be shown some respect by the Harvey guy, Goldie’s fam, and all Nigerians

  8. Each 1 will carry hz own load. We won’t b judged by oda’s actns, bt ours. Let’s focus on hw we cn cleanse our ways, and help odas do dia bst too.

  9. The prize for stardom! Because of “amebos” these stars hide their personal lives very far i mean ffffaaaarrrr from them that’s what i believe led to this one, just to save herself from all the “dem say, dem say”. RIP Susan Harvey.

  10. Death is a necessary end dat will cm when it shall cm judge not so dat u shall not b judged. can dead Woman defend herself? NO! MR andrew u cm 1hr 2 late pls keep ur pics 2 urself m laeve PrEZ out of dis.U Choose 2 tarnish her image u r not a gd husband no wonder she is so insecure let mr tell u joseph found Mary his 2 b wife with child what did he do? Heprotect her. Frm being rediculed.

  11. their is a saying that said when someone he or she can never fight for itself again. when she was alive many didn`t talk bad about her and people knew all this and didn`t say anything now that she is dead that when everybody will open mouth 2 talk bad about her. plz don`t judge her again nd leave the judgement for God

  12. Its so shameful that we keep on adoring evil deeds and singing their praises to high heavens.God is surely angry with all celebrities that promote promiscuity and lewdness in the name of fame.

    We have so many of them in Nollywood. This is their inglorious year except they change their ways and live an upright life worthy of emulation. Shame, disgrace, vanity. Oops!

  13. I too married an expatriate 32 years older. I still bang other men as my husband is too old for that kind of thing. To have a baby I had to go to a fertility clinic. I ruined his last marriage with his white wife and I am proud of it. He came to Nigeria on his own free will. And I love that he pays for my career and wants me to be happy.

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