Governor Amaechi: I Drove From Kano To Abuja After Dictator Jonathan Seized My Plane

amaechi drove kano abuja

June 9, 2014 – Governor Amaechi: I Drove From Kano To Abuja After Dictator President Jonathan Seized My Chartered Airplane & After My Life

The Governor of Rivers state Nigeria, Governor Rotimi Amaechi narrated his ordeal in Kano over the weekend, how he was maltreated and his rented aircraft impounded.

Amaechi said after his visit to Kano Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso, he and other dignitaries went to Aminu Kano Airport to board his chartered aircraft to Abuja.

Amaechi said on getting to the airport, authorities locked all the doors to the complex holding him and other dignitaries hostage after receiving order from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in Abuja.

Hear Amaechi in his own words:

“The Kano governor called the airport commandant that we should at least be allowed to leave the building but the commandant refused saying he had an order from above not to let us out,” the governor said. “We had to force one of the doors open to get away.”

He said after they escaped from the airport, the team devised a means of hurrying out of Kano for fear they might be attacked by thugs sponsored by the federal government.

“So we quickly got a car, bought fuel and started driving towards Abuja. We sold a dummy to the airport people and a few others that we were returning to the Kano Government House. The governor was also expecting us. But we were far gone. I personally drove the car and all of us had to switch off our phones so no one would know our whereabouts.

“I drove for five hours and we arrived Abuja at 2 a.m. We were not afraid of armed robbers or anyone attacking us on the road. We were only afraid that the authorities could plant people on the road to waylay and attack us. But thank God we arrived safe.

In the car Mr. Amaechi drove from Kano to Abuja were a former governor of Gombe state, now Senator Danjuma Goje, a former governor of Kwara state, now Senator Shaaba Lafiagi, and a former Acting Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Abubakar Baraje.

“I have been shouting that we are in a dictatorship, people thought I’m joking or exaggerating,” Mr. Amaechi said. “At least we can all see what is playing out.”

Oga on top and Amaechi are sworn enemies…See dirty politics at play… Na wa o.

21 thoughts on “Governor Amaechi: I Drove From Kano To Abuja After Dictator Jonathan Seized My Plane

  1. So! U now know how it feel like to spend hours on driving! Na garage u for go enter bus make BOKO display for u too, u took one of ur expensive car’s with comfort u still dey complain

  2. Amaechi u ar nt well Oooo! u travel by road all the way from kano to abuja only and u ar complaining hmmmm i pity u at least u hav seen wht the poor masses ar going through from all of u that called themselves our leader,just thank ur God is nt frm kano to ph! nonsense politicians!abeg lets hear word biko!

  3. @ O Tolani u ar absolutely right!he get luck na boko guys for catch them and make them walk from there to sabosa forest lol!

  4. All politicians are the same? Who is runing after who? *Amaechi do what u are surpose to do in your state and forget about who is runing after who! You all are the same!!!

    • amaechi sha cant bear not to be in the news headlines! such a drama queen!!!. all these weeks chibok girls no let am dey for front page.

      and so what if you travel by road? don’t millions of nigerians do that every day?

      which kain idleness dey worry this man?. with a state like rivers and all the billion billion wey you dey collect from federal allocaton why not settle down and do some work in your state?

      when was the last time an emir of kano visited your state to be part of the crowning of an ‘amayanabo’ or an ‘eze’… we go see where all these your ‘Judas Iscariot moves’ go carry you reach. shey you get post governorship plan sha? no be to dey do ‘boy boy’ for northerners and south westerners. with rivers people money be the thing o!

  5. Even GEJ self make hi go rest, give himself respect.Doing this shows he can not do without them.Why not shun them…let them not feel important in the society.But GEJ is now the one fucking up.Does their boarding a plane from kano affects him in any way?

  6. Mr Jonathan has a way of dealing with his enemies. but still wondering what stops him from finding a lasting solution to this problem of insurgents since he said he knows their sponsors. But Gov. Amaechi get mind o! Drove from Kano to Abuja.

  7. Yes his among the people causing problem for our president, A man that God brought out to rebuild niegeria, But you people will not allow him to drink water and drop cup, Amechi You are real bretrayal, all this game you are playing is in the name of politics, Nemesis will surely catch you one day, Idiot politician.

  8. Other Nigerians that are driving from PH to Sokoto are they not human beings?? What is so special about your driving from Kano to Abuja???

    • Thanks mybrother…..make una help me ask Amaechi wetin he dey always dey find for North?….has the North become his constituency?….or has it become ppart of Rivers state?…..he beter concentrate on his governorship positon and leave GEJ and Abuja alone……….

  9. I love Amaechi i love GEJ. Bt both of u stop al u are doing and remember that… #DiarisGodooooo

  10. Why must the so-called Amaechi chatter a Plane? Who does he think he is? The money he used to chatter that plane would have been used to tackle one or two issues in his State. This is just d beginning. By d time GEJ finishes with u, u will ride a bicycle from Abuja to Kano. Motherfucker!

  11. Story dat touches d heart#im sheddin crocodiles tears for ameachi#,which mind d guy get,do dey go about alone,dey all go about wit bodyguards,i prayyyyy make Amaechi drive frm kano to abuja,he no go no wen he go miss road enter sambisa forest!!!

  12. jona leave amaechi alone, we ve enough problem in 9ja already pls jona with all due respect do something about the chibok girls and stop this childish act,na u and amaechi know where una 4 see or una do bussiness 2gether,chai chai help us bring back our girls.

  13. Dis Ameachi own 2uu much, who is Amaechi? Outside Politics what is it, dis guy is so power drunk dat he want to hold on to power at every minutes of his life, his story show dat he’s bn going from one position to anoda and i can bet it Senate wil be d next ambition of dis guy. He talks 2uu much for a man, hes d kind of pple Yoruba call ALABOSI or alarmist in english. He’s d one dat has aircraft as a governor, i heard Channels TV male presenter said he saw Peter Obi seated humbly beside him inside the aircraft to Abuja So sad Nigeria is a country of pple esp youth who take things they ought to seriously react against as joke. I live in UK where political or public official whether past or present know they dare not try many things, d fact dat U have left does d position not stop investigation or go to prison if need be. How many times have we seen Gordon Brown or any other prime minister with private jet or d kind of houses Nigerians officials buy in UK. Recently the royal family children Williams & Kate flew commercial plane and many African journalist gossip it, thats d best life- accountability. How many Ameachi mates, more brilliant, educated and responsible than him travel by road and nobody hear about so whats so specal if he travel by road

  14. Point of correction Amechi you do not own any plane the Rivers State does if you were not busted, no one would know you use Rivers State money to purchase it. I hope every one ignores you.Arrogant fool.

  15. Personal Amechi u r not doing well to your brothers,fighting Goodluck Jonathan is like fighting your blood brother with guns

  16. Amechi rotimi Students will kill you, you are dealing with fire. How dear you say you will form a parallel government, please push for that in your APC mid nite meeting BIAFRA. We sponsor 70percent that is what we have been looking for

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