Governor Aregbesola In Secondary School Uniform: Osun State Gov. Turns Comedian

aregbesola secondary school uniform

Oct 5, 2013 – Governor Rauf Aregbesola In Secondary School Uniform: Osun State Governor Turns Comedian

One of the most interesting governors in the history of Nigeria, Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola surprised many at an event in Osogbo recently.

Aregbesola proudly stormed the stage wearing a uniform for secondary school students in Osun State with matching shoes and socks.

From the look of things, the students were thrilled to see Aregbesola wearing the same uniform as them….. Check out the expression on their faces.

Make Nollywood come hire am… he would make a good comedian.

Describe Aregbesola’s look in one word….

30 thoughts on “Governor Aregbesola In Secondary School Uniform: Osun State Gov. Turns Comedian

  1. Am sure D̶̲̥̅̊Α̲̅†̥ his people will never regret of having him (Aregbesola) as der Governor
    I wish order shall take his step.

  2. Honestly,this man is the best governor in Nigeria,i love him so much,very friendly and open to everybody,God will grant you long life,prosperity and more power to take Osun people to promise land,so funny……God bless you more with abundant wisdom

  3. Sir,lots of people here speaks good of you which is veth keep up the good work and lets see if others will follow ur foot step out of shame to better my country.remain blessed sir. make u no vex oo ,but poor man fit you well well oo.

  4. We wish this was our governor. I.e Adamawa state b/c our governor is only intrested in his families and friends not for student or development of his state or the welfare of his civil sevant. God help us in Adamawa and in Nigeria amen

  5. What does dis mean, i pray pple will understand when dis playing on their intelligence, dis is pure politics. I watched opening of the factory of over 1 billion naira worth for sewing student in Osun state is that what we need now. If all parents are comfortable would they need frre uniform and moreover we should be more interested in the academic side Its so sad most Naija youth take their destiny as a thing to joke with when they comment on serious issues.

    • i am not a politician, im citizen of Osun state though presently abroad,i feel we don’t need a comic relieve governor we need action that will better pples life and upgrade standard of living of Osun citizen. We av not bn lucky even with the former one all of them keep playing on their follower intelligent The other time he said Osun feed students chicken/eggs many times a week, but when they get home who feed them and what happen to the whole family, it is much better to empower people to be able to feed themselves, even abroad here no government feed free but there are lots of empowerment our people need to think beyond what they are told and do analyses and see if it makes sense, all dis games are towards 2014 election

  6. @Ade u really disappoint me and we have know the kind of person u are, even i can say u an ingreate person for ur comment and if u can nt appreciate his work d people of osun state appreciating him because Aregbesola have tried enough and mind u i am not a politician

  7. I really don’t understand what is d actual problem of our pple in dis nation. Is it poverty or illiteracy? I can’t even comprehend our problem in dis country. Anytime we see gud thing, instead of appreciating d gud part and later criticise d wrong parts of it. We are fond of condemning blantantly everything. Ogbeni aregbesola ride on. U are an epitome of gud democracy.

  8. Gud of u Mr governor 4 ur gud wrks, am proud 2 ve u as my governor bt pls pay d bursary in earnest, we r waiting ooo

  9. Eh eh! Na wa 4 us in dis country ooh. Aregbe is feeding pulpils in elementary school in order 2 develop their intellectual horizon. My brother get it right, don’t expect government 2 feed ur children 4 u is never done anywhere in d world. Appreciate those who are doing their best 2 upgrade dis country. Tanks

  10. @Ade, you need to change your way of reasoning and stop being a pessimist. How could you see what he has done as bad? What have you personally done to make Nigeria Better? All you do is complain. Action=0

  11. Hmmmmmmmm,I appreciate this anyway cos u associate yourself with the masses not like those thieves that regard themselves above everybody just because they ve got the power at hand

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