Fashola Banned Molue, Commercial Buses From Lagos Island

molue buses banned lagos island

Sept 5, 2013 – Governor Fashola Banned Molue, Commercial Buses From Lagos Island

Molue Buses Banned From Third Mainland Bridge, Eko & Carter Bridges

Months after the ban on Okada, Lagos State Government under the leadership of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola has banned commercial buses widely called Molue from operating on Lagos Island.

Effective immediately, Lagos has banned Molue riders from operating on bridges like the 3rd Mainland, Eko & Carter Bridges.

Molue operators are no longer allowed to operate in the Central Business District of the state.

LASG said the decision was made in order to monitor commercial bus operators as regards compliance with traffic rules and regulations.

This was confirmed by LASTMA GM, Babatunde Edu on Wednesday Sept 3rd, 2013.

“Though the Lagos State Government was supposed to have commenced enforcement last month, being a responsive and responsible government which believes in enlightenment before enforcement, we therefore decided to shift the enforcement to 4th of this month,” he said

This is serious what do they want the poor masses to do.

No Okada now no Molue.

15 thoughts on “Fashola Banned Molue, Commercial Buses From Lagos Island

  1. I think Fashola is taking this law too serious. Lagos is not abroad why trying to encourage armed robbery. most of these commercial bus drivers get their daily food from plying the 3rd mainland
    pls lasg should think twice

    • I think fashola is doing the best for lagos , we need decent buses in the city, of lagos. this a begining of good city, good image, and very soon our Nigeria will look the best like as if you are in London, PLEASE honourable Fashola do not listen to those who are afraid of good things. The next Job for you now is to demolish all the rubbish houses in lagos , and give the contract to julius berger to build a decent low cost housing in cental Lagos with a law , that will tell them ,how to tidy up properly, please i am yearning to kiss you for your good jobs. my husband can not stop me from kissing someone who is doing a good job in my lagos , whoever is not happy with Fashola should go to OSA STREATH amen.

  2. I think governor Fashola need to provide more BRT buses and give the molue drivers the buses,and traine all the molue drivers and that will create more jobs for them.

  3. Hmmmmm! There is nothing bad in that,becos Nigerians we always refer to AMERICA,LONDON,MECCA etc to which all dis nation were sometimes lik our Naija but someone sometimes ago stood for drastic changes & today they all enjoy it though there wud be a price(incoveniences) to be paid. However Broda BRF should make sure dat all d affected Mollue drivers shud be given a chance to a Loan & Hire Purchase New Buses then they can easily propel on in d business…….datz wat those Nation dat were able to made it did oh!……..Naija oni‘baje….expecially Eko Oni‘baje oh!

  4. Governor Fashola is not doing it the right way! He should have create an alternate Job for these Drivers before terminating their operation.

    Governor Fashola, pls do help them out.

  5. Cnocerned Lagosians indeed. i beleiev Lagos caqn become like america even Nigeria as a whole, lets join hands 2gether and support fasola, like u said T.d governor shd provide more BRT buses and employ these molue drivers and their conductors after serious screening.

  6. One man’s food is another man poison but i think its not the best decision any way b/c that is the onoy means through which people have there daily living and gaskiya am not incouraging that

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