Governorship Election: Julius Agwu’s Wife Told To Take Him To Native Doctor For Victory Juju


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August 15, 2014 – Governorship Election: Julius Agwu’s Wife Told To Take Husband To Native Doctor For Victory Juju

Earlier in the month, Nigerian comedian Julius Agwu declared his intention to run for 2015 governorship election in Rivers state with fans via his Instragram page.

According to a source very close to his family, ever since he made his intention known, his wife Ibiere Agwu hasn’t been the same.

The source said Julius Agwu’s political ambition took his wife by surprise and she is yet to come to terms with it as she has received hundreds of calls since an interview her hubby granted went viral.

“She is currently in the US with the kids and ever since that publication was made, her life has never been the same again. She has received thousands of calls from all over the world as people have been besieging her with phone calls.

“The problem is she is finding it difficult dealing with it and people have been asking her if her husband’s intention is genuine or not just another joke.

“Some people even suggested that if she is willing, they will take her and Julius Agwu, to a native doctor who will do very potent medicine that will help him crush his opponents come 2014, and all this has greatly unsettled her. Currently she has stopped taking calls as she is totally overwhelmed,” the source added.

Only men with ‘liver’ go into politics. I guess Julius Agwu is ready to give it all it takes.